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  • lololol

    Its blc seson 6

  • ilove it

    it,s a geart show
  • Ech! Bland and clearly annoying

    I dont like this show. It gives game shows a bad name. I dont even know how this ran for 5 seasons. It should have ended after 1. Sorry but this dog is out.
  • fetch with ruff ruffman

    I want to be on fetch with ruff ruffman but I live near portland and I want to adshion on the 7 season can some one help me
  • Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman is a great entertaining, humorous and educational reality/animation TV Show on PBS.

    Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman is a great entertaining, humorous and educational reality/animation TV Show on PBS. It features a group of real life kids trying to solve puzzles, accomplish goals and complete challenges to get points at the end. Usually the challenges involve something relating to some problem that Ruff needs to get solved or something he wants to know about. At the end of the show all of the kids go back to Studio G and Ruff calculates their team points based on how well they completed the challenges, then Ruff awards individual bonus points to the kids who did something that helped their team complete their goal. The kid who gets the most points at the end of the show gets a (usually humorous) prize.
  • PBS Kids finally makes a great educational show.

    Cyberchase and Arthur will remain the best PBS kids shows ever made. However,this show should deserve a crown for being the best. The show is about a dog named Ruff who tries to solve problems that he has with kids who are trained. Now,Ruff is animated,but the kids are not. And of course,this is a reality show. But if it's educational,it's awesome. Thank god,Ruff doesn't do any of that "Ask the audience simple questions so easy a caveman can answer them" thing,he has trained kids. and every character is not such an idiot. Ruff is very funny with his funny phrases and crazy antics he does all the time. Blossom is his sidekick(no,not the Powerpuff Girl) who is actually smart than Ruff,but never talks and is a cat,while Ruff is a dog,the kids are not such brats.When someone wins the game,they actually feel happy for them instead of like "I should've won that!". The prizes are also great such as movie tickets,Elefun games,BBQ passes and many more. And of course,this show is funny. The humor relies on Ruff doing something hilrailous or anything like that. This is what PBS kids needed and I hope it returns for season 6.
  • I like Ruff. He is so funny.

    I like FETCH. Ruff is so funny. The challenges are so cool. My favorite challenges were when Anna had to find her inner hip-hop & when Noah, Khalil, & Julia had to feed the zoo animals & make an enrichment device for the moon bears. I also think that the FETCHers have a lot of energy.
  • I mean, with "quality" humour, like a child mooning a camera, or shoveling poop, you just can't go wrong.

    I mean, with quality humour, like a child mooning a camera, or shoveling poop, you just can't go wrong.

    It's a shame nobody watches this show. Public broadcasting has a bad name, and as a result this show has little exposure. Not only is this show educational, but it creatively parodies reality TV and game shows, but never fails to lack in humour, a quality lacked in public television. The host of the show, is a crazy, pretentious, and loveable... dog, who somehow managed to win a contract for his very own show. Throughout the show, he scrambles to run it. His six contestants, scoured by Ruff from the neighbourhood, constantly earn points from bailing him out of his problems and feeding his ego, and participate in absurd challenges to win a mystery grand prize at the end of the season (which turns out to be not so great). There's also daily winners with daily prizes. The viewers are held in suspence to see who wins the grand prize.
  • An amazing game show for everyone. (spoilers)

    Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman is a game show. It is about real kids testing their skills and knowledge. My two favorite contestants are from season one. They are Anna and julia. Why are they my favroites? Because out of all the contestants, they work hard to get what they need done done. I am so happy that Anna won the first season. I hope season two is as awesome as the first.
  • I know, I know, I'm too old for it. I DON'T CARE!!!! this show is sooo funny. I love it.

    Hahaha! This is such a cool show! I wish I could have been a contestant. Ruff (animated Dog) controles the show via the FETCH 3000, giving out challenges to the 6 contestants (3 boys and 3 girls). the number of people going out on challenges varies each episode, but whoever is left at "Studio G" (it's really Ruff's garage, but he doesn't like you to call it that) gets to take the half time quiz show. they get quized on what happended earlier on the episode, but it's harder than it sounds. the Challenges range from Learning Hip-hop to spending 2 days in 1600. it's a great show, for kids or teens, or anyone who want some good clean quallaty entertainment.
  • Most Awsome Show Ever!

    Well i really like it it's a favorite!
    but uh... Whens the next season! If they take it off like they did andy milonakis i will be so mad. Knowone can take it off it's the best ever. Better than... Camp Lazlo.
    don't you like it when they went to space camp? What about the Season Finale huh is that so much to ask for this show?
    so ether it's going down or up because i don't know. Then i tried contacting them about it today but no replies....
    up or down hmmm.. i think up for all i care and i can see everybody loves it in the reviews...
  • A funny and innovative show that combines cartoons, game shows and learning.

    This show is hosted by an animated dog, Fetch, who helps kids learn by way of a scavenger hunt-type game. The kids must go places and find clues. They must also watch videos and answer questions. The guests work in teams, and when somebody new comes in, they can add to the picture. So every show in its way supports the lesson of teamwork. "Fetch" teaches good ideas almost without telling you that's what they're doing. On the quest portions, the kids may wind up in a museum, traveling, or exploring a cave. Every expedition is a chance to learn things in history, physics, art and culture. The show teaches by example that kids must seek out many sources of knowledge and put them all together. As such, it's one of the best designed shows for young people in a while.
  • do i care

    Blending live-action and animation, FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman revolves around an animated dog named Ruff Ruffman, who develops, produces, and hosts his own reality TV show. Ruff runs the show from his state-of-the-art headquarters, otherwise known as his dog house, and issues wild and wacky real-world challenges to a group of 10 to 14-year-old kid contestants. Each episode follows the kids (real kids, not actors) as they tackle their challenges: Everything from training a cat for a commercial to staying afloat in a self-made boat to performing stand-up comedy to blasting off for a shuttle mission at Space Camp. And true to the reality of reality TV, the kids have NO idea what they're getting into until they're off on their challenges. nobody watches this crap!!!!!
  • Fetch is one of the best shows in the world. I think Ruff is so funny.

    Fetch is one of the best shows in the world. I think Ruff is so funny. I think it is the best game shows on TV. I think the show should do a behind the scences video. I can not wait for season 4 and it is great they start filming season 5 this summer. they should do more than one season year. it is a great show and it makes kids want to go do things. the should do a busines challange. Fetch is one of my favorite shows of the whole wide world. So tune into fetch on your PBS station.
  • Fetch is a great show with a stunning history.

    Since ZOOM made it's profit in the 70's and was remade in 1999, neither show made a good profit In 2006, WGBH annouced the show "Hot Seat", then Ruff Ruffman was invented, so they changed the show's name to Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman. The show had the following contestants: Noah Taylor Khalil Brian M. Julia Anna Madi Willie Bridget Rosario Mike Nina DJ Harsha Jay B. Sam Noel
    Sammy Isaac Talia Sterling Liza Brian C. Bethany Sherya Marc F. (Marco) Emmie Marc P. Rubye Jay R. That is 30 kids total, and PBS gave the show 100 episodes and 5 seasons. Fetch!: May 29, 2006 -November 4, 2010
  • Im too old, but i love this!

    I love this show. I mean its the first reality show for kids. Most reality shows stink! But this is good. I mean ruff is funny, the contestants are funny, and the challenges are good. I mean a Boy gets a job at a restaurant! You don't see that every day! And the Girls cleaning up Cow poo! Now thats entertainment! The only thing I don't like is the Dialogue, its not that bad, but maybe they can fix it a bit. Anyways this show is great! Deserves a 8.0/10! Thats good for a PBS KIDS show! Well thats all, bye!
  • This is an incredibly educational show. Must see TV for my seven year-old son. The premise sounds kind of dumb but it's a winner in all categories.

    My son just started watching this show and then he started telling me complex things like how rockets work and how the earth rotates. He was in kindergarten - I knew he wasn't learning it there. Everytime I'd ask him where he learned something I didn't know how he knew...the answer was always...Fetch with Ruff Ruffman. I started paying attention and it's a really fun show targeted to kids but doesn't talk down to them or adults who are watching with them. It showcases problem solving, teamwork, healthy competition, sportsmanship, failing and trying again. It's funny and entertaining and educational all at the same time. We recently implemented a TV Timer to moderate my son's TV viewing and to teach him how to choose what he watches. First day, he set aside one coin so he knew he'd have it at the end of the day for Fetch. The premise of the show sounds kind of dumb but it's a winner across the board.
  • Its one of thoes shows that you would die to be on.It is great for all ages.And it isent one of thoes shows that isnot fake and is planed.

    I my self would love to be on this show.It is a very cool show for all ages.I think it should not be on pbs kids go becaus it is too good to be on that channel.It should be on nick on cartoonnetwork.I enjoy that show alot and now i cant watch it annymore!?I want to know why.But anny way,I know that there is alot of kids that dont watch it becaus they dont watch pbs kids go and i think it is a shame. i just wonder how its feels like to be a fetcher. i love this show. what else is there to say
  • Very Entertaining for a kids reliaty show.

    fetch is a show about 6 kids doing challenges for an animated dog to win prizes sounds wierd doesnt it? WEll it really isnt and its really enetertaing 99 percent of a time. I love it. It airs on PBS. Its a kids show they should realese the first 2 seasons on DVD sometime soon so ppl can enjoy it whenever they want. Its such a greta show and i cant stop watching it just pulls u in and wont let go i like anna and willie are my favorite charcters in the series i really like them because they won.
  • i love the show, my sister got me hooked on it!!!!

    thank you kourtney for watching this show, for now i am hooked for good! you are the best little sister i could ever ask for, well, i just love this show so much, i think it is so hilarious, and so cool what all the challenges are!!! making chocolates, to finding germs, i can not wait for the next episode, let alone next season, hey fetch, if you are reading this, pm me, i'l give you the info!! so well, ilts! (i love this show) i am officially hooked and i love extremely hystarical shows, and i cannot beleive what will be shown next!
  • Woof's review of Ruff. (Hehe!)

    I actally just discovered this show about a week ago when my little nephews and niece left it on in the kitchen. I've only seen about 5 episodes (all from season 1) and I already know that I really like this show.
    The show is about a team of real kids who compete in challenges assigned to them by Ruff Ruffman, an animated dog who hosts his own reality game show. The challenges are unscripted, and they each have some sort of educational value to them. Ruff, who watches the challenges from the comfort of his studio via the FETCH 3000, offers his humorus commentary on the situation and points out important aspects of the challenges. In between segments of the show, he often gives a "half-time quiz show" in which the contestants who had to stay in "Studio G" (don't call it a garage.) answer questions about the challenges in order to win points. At the end of the show, Ruff tallies the scores of the contestants, along with some "bone-us" points. Ruff rewards the contestant with the most points with a prize relating to the challenge. (for example, in an episode featuring trained sea lions, the prize was a painting made by the sea lions)
    I really enjoy watching this show, even though I'm a teenager. Ruff is a very entertaining (and cute ^^) character, and the challenges are interesting to watch. I look forward to watching more of the episodes (I have a lot of catching up to do!) and to seeing the next season.
  • This isn't just for kids.....It's for everybody wanting a good 30 minutes of fun!

    It's really rare these days you find a television show that is actually worth your time watching. "FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman" is one of those shows. Sure, the age range for the program is 8-12 but don't let that steer you away from the program like I was initally. I laughed the program off in Season 1 and only watched bits and pieces confirming my own presuppositions about the show. Then the curiosity bug hit a couple of months back and one day while flipping through the channels I ran across the new Season 2 episodes and from that point on I was hooked. I have no idea what it was that got me intrested but I gotta admit that I learn stuff from program that I was never taught in school, the challenges are intresting and fun to watch, and the shows host Ruff Ruffman is the icing on the cake. I highly recommend "FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman" to anyone who wants a TV show that is actually worth watching because it has to be one of the best out there without a doubt.
  • Better than most kids shows.

    My little brothers watch this show, and I must say that it is original children's television. Basically, kids compete in different challenges to earn points, while some kids answer questions about the other kids' challenges. Sometimes amusing, sometimes painfully educational, Fetch definitely has its good moments and its bad. The animation with Fetch is masterfully done, and is weaved in well with the live-action footage. The kids can, at times, seem to be acting- but at other times, they genuinely seem interested in their challenges. From rapping to fashion shows, the challenges cover all alreas of life. Fetch can be a good watch, sometimes.
  • Fetch

    a okay show on pbs that seem kinda of dumb but got better as it went along. the fetchers must compete in chalenges set up by ruff ruffan. the fetchers are julia , anna , taylor , brian, khalil, and noah. there have been all kinds of challenges from searching through a scary mansion , space camp, many food related challenges and much more. it is an okay show because some of the challenges were cool where some were dumb. it may seem dumb at points but it has its funny moments. besides the challenges there is also the half time quiz show. cool chris out.
  • Six kids go on challenges given to them by Ruff Ruffman, a cartoon dog.

    Greatest show on PBS Kids. I was hooked when I first started watching this. Ruff Ruffman, a cartoon dog, as the host? I wonder how they pulled that off. Anyway, I loved the first season. Noah, Khalil, Anna, Julia, Brian, and Taylor were awesome. Rosario, Bridget, Mike, Madi, Willie, and Nina look already seem like pretty good contestants for this show's second season. I really like the challenges these guys do. Some of them are just plain awesome. Some are just ridiculous. I have to say my favorite challenge was the one where the FETCHers went to space camp. My least favorite was the colonial episode. But all in all, I love this show.
  • An Excellent show.

    The show is a very funny reality game show. It's My personal favorite and its celverly designed. I don't know why people would say its not good. The only reason in any way I don't like this show is the time it takes for a new seasons to air is nerve-racking for me. Ruff has a great sence of humor which is a great reason why this show is the best to me. My favorite contest of season 1 was Juila. The chalnages are so cool. It's making me anxious for the 2nd season to premire! So overall its a very great show.
  • When Is Next Season Coming? Funny Thing Of Ruff.

    When Is The Next Season Of Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman Going To Come Out And Who Are The Next Contestants? I\'m So Excited But I Wanna Know Really Bad. Something Is Going With Ruff. On Episode 2, Ruff Gave 8,435 Points Just For Loving Dogs,But Minused 8,400 points. Something IS Wrong With Ruff. In The Same Episode At The End, Ruff Sang While Anna And Brian Danced. In The Final Episode \"The Dog-athalon Finale\",Ruff Was Clumsy And Pressed The Release Buttons And Released The Balloon. He Was Suppose To Released At The End. See I Tell You That Something Is Wrong With Ruff.
  • Extremely entertaining

    This is a show that really could only work on public television. It has a great cast, funny host, and good ideas, but ignores pop culture completely - and that's why it's great! First of all, the kids are awesome. They are all quick thinkers, smart, and have interesting personalities. The same could be said of Ruff Ruffman himself - but he's a dog. And he's not real. But he's still really funny! There's no pretense that the kids are TV stars or anything, either. (Seriously, no one on PBS is a TV star.) There are only a few things that irk me, though, like the theme song, the way all the FETCHers always say "BONUS POINTS!" together, Ruff's last name, and that the show has a target audience of 6-10 year-olds. That I don't understand at all, because the show is much more advanced than that audience. But those are little things when compared to the rest of the show. FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman exemplifies why PBS programming is so much higher quality than on other channels.
  • Fetch! is a really good game show,Before FETCH! was ZOOM now zoom ended and now FETCH! started and it's alwsome!

    Fetch with ruff ruffman FETCH!
    The next season will be on air next year!
    Fetch is an alwsome reality game show!I LOVE IT!
    But is not better than zoom!
    I miss them!...
    oh no!
    Taylor need to get more points and she was the first one who
    was eliminated!Brian beat her but he was the third eliminated from the show!Ithink is because he was really smart but he was also too shy!Kind of like Taylor.
    Ruff is so silly I love him!
    If you want to be on Fetch you have to live in the great area of Boston Massachusetts!
    And you can't live far away from boston In Massachusetts
  • It's a half-animated half-live game show with REAL kids doin' REAL stuff for REAL points and an overall winner at the end.

    I really like this show, and it's pretty funny. Judging by the review count, not enough people know the show exists. As with Loonatics Unleashed, I wish people would give the show a chance and actually WATCH it before making a judgement on it. Seems like there's only four other people besides me that watches it, and that makes me kinda sad.
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