Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman - Season 3

PBS (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Finale
    Episode 21
    Grand Finale! Ruff's twin brother Scruff has taken over! The show is now "Fetch! With Scruff Ruffman!" Scruff devises a series of elimination games that take place in a variety of Ruff and Scruff's important childhood haunts. Will the Grand Finale explain Ruff and Scruff's past? Who will be the Grand Champion? And once again, is Ruff stuck without a Grand Prize?!?moreless
  • 10/30/08
    Ruff's twin brother Scruff has taken over! The show is now "FETCH with SCRUFF Ruffman!" Scruff devises a series of elimination games that take place in a variety of Ruff and Scruff's important childhood haunts. Will the Grand Finale explain Ruff and Scruff's past? Who will be the Grand Champion? And once again, is Ruff stuck without a Grand Prize?!?moreless
  • The Ol' Switcheroo
    Episode 19
    Ruff gets scary news: he's been tapped to play goalie in a celebrity hockey tournament! More scary news: his opponents are inmates from Poodle Island, including his twin brother Scruff! Ruff is terrified and sends Harsha and DJ out to engineer a "puck stopper." Meanwhile, Ruff discovers that Scruff is actually living in his doghouse, so he gets Jay to live in Noel's house, and Noel to live in Jay's house for the day.moreless
  • 10/28/08
    The latest poll in Toy Magazine just ranked Ruff's Action-to-the-Maxion Figure "the Worst Toy of the Century." Ruff, who is eating ice cream when a reporter asks for a comment, gets an ice cream headache-BRAIN FREEZE! This inspires Ruff to send Harsha and Sammy to become radio reporters and do a news piece on Brain Freeze. He assigns Noel and DJ to invent a new Ruff Ruffman toy.moreless
  • 10/27/08
    Grandma Ruffman has been accused of aiding Ruff's brother Scruff Ruffman, in breaking out of jail! It's the duty of the Fetcher's to try to prove whether or not Grandma Ruffman is guilty or innocent of this crime.
  • Ruff is having a lot of trouble with Chet, his new mouse assistant. Chet needs training, and it would actually be nice if he lived somewhere OTHER than the Fetch 3000. Ruff sends DJ out to a dog obedience school to become an expert trainer. Noel, Sammy and Jay go to an engineering school to construct Chet's new home... out of straw!moreless
  • 10/22/08
    Ruff agrees to watch his sister's sheep, assuming that "sheep" means ONE sheep... When HUNDREDS of them arrive, they stampede the doghouse, forcing Ruff and Blossom to barricade themselves inside the bathroom! Ruff sends two FETCHers to learn to herd sheep, and two more to Utah where they learn about bighorn sheep and their habitat.moreless
  • 10/21/08
    There's a pirate curse on Ruff's family! Uncle MacRuffmantosh just wrote a book about the curse and their pirate ancestor, Blackmuzzle. To break it, Ruff sends Sammy and Jay to the Florida Keys to search the ocean floor for Blackmuzzle's treasure! Harsha and Sam's challenge is to work at a grocery store and compete in a grocery-bagging showdown!moreless
  • Dog of the Rings
    Episode 13
    The FETCH 3000 is on the blink and Glen, Ruff's techie teenage nephew, won't fix it unless Ruff sends his FETCHers to Wing's Castle. Glen is a Live Action Role Player, and was supposed to go on a LARPing adventure. Unfortunately, he caught a cold and can't go. Ruff agrees to send all the FETCHers, dressed as Elves, Dwarves and Wizards, on a mythic mission!moreless
  • Socket to Me
    Episode 12
    Blossom points out that Ruff is using too much electricity. Ruff protests. Hey, he's only running an electric leaf blower, a vacuum, a blender, all the lights, the washing machine, the dryer, and a karaoke machine... Ruff's energy crisis inspires him to send Sam and Sammy to figure out how he can decrease his electricity consumption. And the karaoke machine inspires Ruff to send Harsha and Noel to get singing lessons and perform... LIVE!moreless
  • Ruff designs a new kind of sneaker-the kind that's ridiculous and annoying! DJ and Sammy head to a sneaker company to design and build more functional footwear. As Ruff tries to remove his shoes, he falls over a trunk containing his old street performer props-so he decides to send Jay and Sam to learn the art of street performing.moreless
  • What's Bugging Ruff
    Episode 10
    Ruff wants to have a powwow (i.e. meeting), to troubleshoot his recent bug infestation-in fact, there are bugs ALL OVER the doghouse! In order to learn more about powwows, he sends Harsha to New Mexico to participate in a real Native American powwow. Noel, Sammy and Jay are dispatched to Thompson Island where they will learn about insects and their habitats.moreless
  • The Dogvinci Code
    Episode 9
    Ruff Ruffman believes there's a reason why the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting of The Mona Lisa has Mona Lisa smiling, and it's up to the Fetchers to unravel the riddle behind her smile.
  • 10/9/08
    Ruff feels down. He's depressed because he accidentally painted his doghouse "Dingy Gray." To cheer himself up, Ruff sends Sammy and DJ to learn how to square dance. And, realizing that being in an appealing environment is key to feeling good, he sends Harsha and Jay to the Franklin Park Zoo to learn about Gorillas and their habitat.moreless
  • Ruff is thrilled to find a tortilla chip that looks EXACTLY like him. Meanwhile, Grandma Ruffman is trying to figure out how to protect a cake she wants to mail. So Ruff sends Harsha, Noel, and Sam to build a foolproof structure that can protect his chip and Grandma Ruffman's cake. Blossom wants to trick Ruff into eating his special chip and sends Sammy to Spanish Harlem in New York City to make a tempting salsa. Will the chip survive? And will the FETCHers' structure stand up to a monster truck called Bigfoot?moreless
  • 10/7/08
    Ruff has finally figured out how to get Charlene the poodle to fall for him-by impressing her mother! Ruff learns that Charlene's mother's name is Nell, so he sends Sam, Harsha and DJ to the beach to sculpt a giant letter "N" in her honor. And to prepare for his date, Ruff dispatches Jay to a salon so he can learn about hair and beauty.moreless
  • Mission Improbable
    Episode 5
    During a momentary lapse in judgment, Ruff pawns the Ruffman Family Dog Collar. When Ruff tries to get the collar back he realizes that it's now in the hands of enemy operative and master of disguise, Ken L. Koff! Ruff sends the FETCHers to the Spy Museum in Washington D.C. for training to become secret agents. Their mission is to track down and retrieve the Ruffman Family Dog Collar from the international supervillain. Will they succeed?moreless
  • 10/2/08
    To his dismay, Ruff finds out that it's against the law for a dog to host a reality game show. Wanting to overturn it, Ruff decides to run for Local Dog Officer of Canine-Human Affairs-but he needs to know more about the job of an elected official! Through his canine connection with a dog named Splash, Ruff sends Sam to a high-level meeting with Senator Ted Kennedy. Meanwhile, Noel, Sammy and DJ are challenged to design a float for his campaign!moreless
  • 10/1/08
    Spot Spotnik, Ruff's nemesis, plays a practical joke on Ruff and spatters him with permanent ink! Ruff decides that DJ, Jay, and Sam should meet with a chemistry expert to learn to fight stains. Realizing that the ink spots make him look like a Dalmatian, Ruff sends Noel to a fire academy so she can learn how to fight fires.moreless
  • 9/30/08
    While Ruff is trying to build a card table (which, of course, he naturally assumes is a table made of cards), he interviews the first candidate for his new assistant. This is a mouse named Chet who abruptly moves into the FETCH 3000. Ruff has no choice-Chet is now an employee. In the spirit of helping animals, Ruff sends Sammy and Sam to the MSPCA to make a promotional video. Noel and Jay's challenge is to meet up with a famous card stacker and build a tower of cards.moreless
  • 9/29/08
    Ruff broadcasts the FETCH season premiere in Smellovision, quickly realizing his mistake after he's sprayed by a skunk! Luckily, Blossom, Ruff's cat-assistant, returns... and just in time. She sends DJ and Harsha to find out how to neutralize skunk spray using chemistry. Jay and Sam learn to "brave the waves" and become junior lifeguards.moreless
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