FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

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FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

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The 2006 FIFA World Cup finals showcases the talents of thirty-two teams from across the globe as they compete for the ultimate prize.
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  • Italia campione!!!

    I really lake sposts in general, I love football.. I love winning so.. :). I probably liked this show that much because I'm Italian.. and yeah baby, we won!!! My God it was unbelievable because when it started Italy was one of the favourite teams, but after the first games, I really doubted that we could won..

    After that horrible game with USA I wasn't very happy, because let's say that, we sucked in that game! But when we beat Germany in semi-final, I really got good feelings about the match with France..

    Italy-France is a classic.. it was years since Italy hadn't won over France.. YAY!moreless
  • The 2006 World Cup was definitely one of the best I have seen. I have closely watched the last five World Cups, and I must say that the 2006 version was really good.moreless

    The 2006 World Cup was definitely one of the best I have seen. I have closely watched the last five World Cups, and I must say that the 2006 version was really good.

    Early favourites were the multi-starred Brazil and England. Italy were next in line, whilst France and Germany were considered as an outside bet.

    Brazil disappointed from the first match and ultimately were eliminated by France. Their attacking quartet failed to spark. England were very poor as well and got eliminated by penalties yet again by Portugal in the quarter finals.

    The last 4 teams were Italy, Germany, France and Portugal. Germany had loads of youths in its team and impressed a lot but ultimately lost in the extra time against Germany. Portugal, whose star man was Cristiano Ronaldo, had gone through two tough battles with Holland and England, before succumbing to France.

    France had started very poorly but then became a force lead by Zinedine Zidane in his last couple of matches before retirement. In the final they ended up losing against Italy after Zinedine Zidane lost it and was sent off for headbutting.

    Italy started the world in a midst of a soccer scandal which saw Champions Juventus getting relegated to Seria B, and then Pessotto trying to suicide. But this formed a bond between the players and they were practically unbeatable. In Buffon they had a great keeper who only conceded an own goal and a penalty. The only match where they were in risk of losing was against Australia, when they were given an inexistent penalty in the 90th minute. Otherwise they were truly winners for the fourth time.moreless
  • Not what I expected, but..

    I'm Portuguese, but, knowing that my country wouldn't have the chance of winning the World Cup, I always thought that a team that played beautiful football (Like Netherlands, or Argentina) would win this. So, I was disappointed to see France and Italy in the Final. Well, at least Italy won...

    I think taht football in the World Cup is losing his beauty in every edition. Mainly because the teams don't attack too much, they seem to enjoy closing the back line after the first goal, and pray to god that the opposite team don't score. That's why I didn't see much of the WC games, just the interesting ones. I think that it was better than I expected, but far, far away from some WC that I've saw before...

    Best teams (In terms of football):

    1 - Argentina

    2 - Germany

    3 - Netherlandsmoreless
  • The most watched sport around the world, it truly is the greatest thing on television.

    Every four years, an event so large happens that it requires the attention of the whole world. This event is the World Cup and everytime it comes on, it always breaks records. Two and a half billion people around the world witnessed Germany 2006 through their giant 100 centimeter LCD plasma screen televisions and what an event we were in for. As a Mexican, I was of course rooting for Mexico but also USA, Italy, Germany, England, and Australia. I was sad to see Mexico lose to Argentina in what was one of the greatest games of the World Cup, but I still enjoyed the whole event. Italy won their fourth championship and I'm proud for them because Buffon, the greatest goalie in the world, definitely deserves that attention. Even Zidane received worldwide publicity for his infamous headbutt in his last match of his life, but the World Cup was still a spectacle. I can't wait for South Africa 2010, and I hope it's better than all the previous World Cups.moreless
  • Great Goals, 3 yellow cards, bad refs, surprise knocks-outs, the piece of master skill, loads of dives and a headbutt

    The 2006 FIFA World Cup 2006 was great, loads of goals through out the group stages but they died down after that, some of them were astonishing goals like Lahm's opening goal or Argentina's 24 pass goal and some were plain "thats so amazing" like Joe Cole's or Maxi Rodreguiz's which were both magnificent. There was once a guy who got 3 yellow cards before getting sent off. Then there were surprise knock outs like the Czech Republic and most of all Brazil while some were the surprise get throughs like France and Ghana, but the final was met by none other than two of the most unexpected temas France and Italy. As for the diving Portugal had more than their fare share of it when against France and Italy's dive against Australia. The final was contested well and in extra time insults from Matterazzi got him a headbutt from Zidane which got Zidane sent off in his final match ever and Italy winning in Penalties.moreless

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