FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

Season 1 Episode 9

Group F: Australia vs Japan

Aired Unknown Jun 12, 2006 on FIFA

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  • Awesome ending

    I rate this game pretty high because I was able to afford those shoes I\'ve been wanting thanks to the Aussies. You see, I gave a half of goal with my bookie and in return got excellent odds. I pretty much marked this bet off as a loss when with 10 minutes to go, I still needed two goals -- pretty much impossible in World Cup soccer.

    I got the equalizer at the 83 minute mark. Although my spirits were lifted a little, a tie was useless for me. I about went crazy when the Socceroos scored with about a minute left in regulation time!! The stoppage-time goal was just icing on the cake. I feel for anyone who bet on Japan or for anyone who bet on the under. But winning wagers in such dramatic fashion feeds my gambling addiction!!
  • Shows how quickly this great game can turn around..... Go Socceroos!

    For a while I thought that this wasn't to be the socceroos day! We peppered the Japanese goal in the second half and up unil the 84th minute we looked gone!

    But manager Guus hiddink rang the changes with Kennedy, Cahill and Aloisi (All attacking players) brought on in the 2nd Half. Cahill was the hero as he scored two decisive goals while Aloisi put the icing on the cake! for a 3 - 1 win!

    The Japanese played far too defensive in that second half and didn't deserve to win. The goal they got was also quite dubious to say the least!

    Anyway thats history now as the Socceroos have to focus on the next match against Brazil. I think we can come away with something from that game!
  • I know they play in blue but Japan should not abopt an Italy tactic.

    this was an interesting match, japan got a goal half way through the first half which could be called a little contraversial and then instead of just sticking to what they had been doing they decided to sit back and try and defend it.

    they actually were not doing to bad, a relentless attack from australia from the goal in the first half through to the end of the match, finally with just 6 minutes to go australia scored a scrappy goal through tim Cahill, who, 5 minutes later got his second, and then finally in stoage time Aloisi added a third for Australia.

    two firsts were made during this game, it was Australias first win in world cup finals history as well as it being their first goal in world cup finals history so well done and thanks for giving us such a great game.
  • Score one for the Socceroos!

    This was a great match. Just when everyone thought that there was no way that Australia could possibly score a goal much less win they came back and came back big time. They were down by one late and then in the 83rd minute Cahill scored the equalizer and then in the last moments of the game the Aussies scored two more goals to take a 3-1 lead. This gave the Socceroos their first ever World Cup Finals win. It was so great to see Australia come out of this with a victory.

    This was a huge victory considering they are in the same group with Brazil (number one in the world at the moment and most people’s favorite to take home the cup). Japan has now had a big setback and is going to need some help advancing to the next round. Since the top two teams out of each group move on Japan must show up and have an impressive gave versus Croatia and hope to at least tie Brazil. This has been the best match of the World Cup so far.