FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010

Season 1 Episode 64

2010 World Cup Final: Netherlands vs. Spain

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jul 11, 2010 on ESPN

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  • Deserving Champions

    This is the biggest single sporting event on the planet as up to two billion people watch this match. With so much on the line, it's understandable - if disappointing - that both teams do not want to make a mistake and lose the match of a lifetime.

    The Dutch had clear tactics and that was to pressure and rough up the Spaniards so that they could not play their possession game, which Germany made the mistake of letting them do. I was praying that this would not go to penalty kicks, which it almost did.

    Penalty kicks are such a terrible way to decide a game of such magnitude. Can any of us imagine the NBA Finals coming down to free throws, the Stanley Cup to a shootout, the World Series to a home run derby or the Super Bowl to a field goal kicking contest? of course we can't.

    Spain was the better team and are wholly deserving of this result. We didn't see as much of the Beautiful Game they play, but all credit for the Dutch for that. They played the way the had to in order to have a chance to win.

    I think all of us owe a big thank you and congratulations to South Africa for a wonderful World Cup Finals. The World Cup is so much bigger than our city vs. city rivalries and unites the world in a way only the Olympic Games can. Many, many countries are in rough shape economically and politically and for Spain, this is a moment to forget all that and join in celebration of a wonderful accomplishment.

    Well done. :)
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