FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010

Season 1 Episode 51

Germany vs. England

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jun 26, 2010 on ESPN

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  • At least they didn't lose on penalties!

    I had a feeling this would go Germany's way, although not by 4-1. It's a shame that the tying goal was disallowed, but without video replay, that's the way it is. Today was a good day to use as an argument because the first Argentinian goal in the other game should not have counted and this one should have.

    I think on balance, the Germans are full value for the win. England made too many mistakes and say what you will about the goals, a world class goalkeeper has just got to stop at least one of the first three goals. The fourth one was lovely, but the other three should not have all gone in. The first one a was very, very poor defensive play. That's another reason why Germany won they made less mistakes.

    Germany is still an enigma. They look like finalists against England and Australia and anything but against Serbia. We'll have to see which side shows up in the quarter-finals.
  • ger vs. eng

    As Pardon the Interruption would say about it: Happy Trails England! Happy Trails Group C too!

    One day after The US was ousted from the 2010 World Cup, England got knocked off too. Germany is a very game opponent in any form of competition, just look at World War II for proof of that, but here they just destroyed England. They won't be singing, "England 5 Germany 1" in any London pubs tonight.

    The World Cup is losing its ratings powerhouses, but I am sure the Round of 8 will still be worth watching. Just a shame for ABC/ESPN as the ratings won't be too fantastic.