FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010

Season 1 Episode 62

Germany vs. Spain

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jul 07, 2010 on ESPN

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  • Puzzling...

    I remember wondering which German team was going to show up, the one that routed Australia, England and Argentina or the one that lost to Serbia. Sadly for German fans - of which I am not one - it was the latter.

    This game was nowhere near as good as the first semi-final, which was riveting from start to finish. Germany didn't seem too keen on participating in the match. They are such a brilliant side with penalty kicks that I wonder if Coach Low was playing for 120 minutes of 0-0 football. If he was, I think he got it all wrong.

    This is a side that scored four goals in each of three different games, a feat not accomplished since 1970 by Pele's mighty Brazilians, one of the best sides in football history. Why would you suddenly sit back with that kind of firepower? Spain is the best side they've faced, but the effort was disappointing. Spain could and probably should have won this game by 3-0.
  • the other semifinals

    I did not rate this episode so low because of the score; I am glad Germany lost actually, I still have not forgiven them for that whole Adolf Hitler thing, but I scored it that low because it was just really boring. This is the semifinals to the World Cup, this is the biggest event in the history of Spain and Germany (well, in a few years at least, although Horst Kohler resigning was pretty shocking) and I am barely able to control myself from falling asleep.

    This World Cup has had its highs and lows but at this point I think we will all be glad to see it end.