FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010

Season 1 Episode 60

Paraguay vs. Spain

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jul 03, 2010 on ESPN

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  • Oh my word - talk about high drama!

    Well, wasn't this something? There was some pretty bad - and inconsistent - refereeing but in the end, it all turned out about right. The Paraguayan penalty award was a good one but several Spanish payers encroached upon the penalty area prior to the missed kick being taken so a retry should have been awarded. They Spanish penalty really wasn't one and this time referee called the Spanish for encroachment, but it was no more blatant than at the other end of the field a few minutes earlier. That negated a made penalty and the goaltender, after stopping the second kick, committed a foul that was a penalty kick but it was not awarded. Quite amazing stuff.

    In the end, Spain got their deserved winner and move on to face a very formidable German side. Suddenly South America's World Cup has become Europe's with three of the four semi-finalists hailing from there.
  • par vs. spa

    Wow, now that is drama. MTV should consider airing a World Cup reality show in 2014 as you cannot recreate this kind of drama no matter how hard they try with The Hills and The City.

    There was penalty after penalty and it was just insane. The refs got a little bit too yellow card happy, but penalty kicks are so nervewracking that this viewer could not complain about.

    Paraguay missed a penalty kick, then Spain made one but it was overturned, then they missed the redo, but then they actually got the goal? Just unbelievable drama in this great game.
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