FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010

Season 1 Episode 22

Slovenia vs. USA

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jun 18, 2010 on ESPN

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  • Blame should go to both the USA and the Referees!

    Thinking back to this game all I remember is how pissed I was at the calls and the first of many blown calls on plays that resulted in goals, but when you look at it both of Slovenia's goals were fair and the American's had no excuse for giving up two goals to a team that should have easily been shutout and sent home with a loss.

    When I watched this I tuned in late because of a time mixup I had and I was shocked to see a 1 next to Slovenia and a big 0 next to USA. So you can imagine what I felt when I saw Slovenia raise the lead to 2. For the U.S. this was a tale of two halves, the first of which was putrid and the second was a masterpiece. Landon Donovan, whom those who know me know that he is my favorite soccer player by far, started of the scoring with a high powered shot over the keeper's shoulder into the back of the net.

    Trailing by 1 with 40+ minutes to go the United States were feeling a much more calm, but still had some work to do. Possession was dominated by the USA but they could not find an equalizer. Later in the half Maurice Edu found his way into the box and sent the ball past the goalkeeper only to have it unfairly called back by an offsides call. Replays showed he was onside by a considerable margin and this was the first of numerous calls that have pressured FIFA into some sort of video review in the future. With the team and it's fans in a very angry mood Michael Bradley stormed into the penalty area and sent the ball past the goalie with a magnificent volley tying the game giving the USA another point keeping them alive, but making their next game vs. Algeria all he more important. The game did give the U.S. some momentum heading into their final group match knowing they can score multiple times and quickly, not to mention while being under a lot of pressure. All U.S. Soccer fans know that this is where things got scary and were not recommended to the faint of heart.
  • slovenia vs. usa

    And Slovenia nearly pulls off the upset!

    An epic early round match as Slovenia faced USA in a crucial Group C match. With a loss the US was all but eliminated from the cup. With a win they could secure their spot in the next round.

    So, what happens? You guessed it, a draw. 2010 has been the year of the draw in the World Cup. Ties have become relevant again.

    The game was about as climatic as any early round game so far this World Cup, and I doubt any other early round game will match the intensity of this one.