FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010

Season 1 Episode 38

USA vs. Algeria

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jun 23, 2010 on ESPN

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  • Unbelievable! This is why Landon Donovan is my favorite player. And to answer your next question, NO I AM NOT A BANDWAGON FAN, I have been a Landon Donovan fan since 2001 when I first became acquainted with the MLS and Landon.

    I remember watching this and having to flip back and forth between this match and the England/Slovenia match making sure England didn't score as long as we were held scoreless by Algeria so that we could advance into the next round. When England scored I became scared, because we have fought way too hard to be sent home like this.

    Fast forward to the second half's stoppage time where the USA is running out of time and needing a goal to advance. After an easy save by U.S. Goalie Tim Howard, he quickly sent the ball to Landon Donovan who looked up field and sent it to Jozy Altidore who continued up and sent it in the box where the Algerian Keeper came out to meet the ball. Clint Dempsey beat him to it by a half yard and sent it off of the goalie only to have the ball all alone in the middle of the box. What happens next? Landon Donovan storms in and sends the rebound home in the 90+1' giving the USA a 1-0 win and probably the most important goal in American Soccer History.

    Any American Soccer fan who is a fan, remembers where they were when this goal was scored, I hate when I'm asked this question because I watched the first 70 minutes at friends house and had to leave so I tried to get home as fast as possible but traffic lights didn't want me to see the goal and I got inside and turned the television on just as they were blowing the whistle to end the game. It didn't matter because this goal sent the U.S. into the next round and I for one COULD NOT WAIT!
  • WOW! The match of the tournament so far.

    What an amazing game this was! America so deserved this victory. I agree with the person that said it would have been a crime if America had gone home. After being robbed of a winning goal against Slovenia on a phantom foul, this was much deserved redemption for a team that plays with class and as a team.

    There has been so much controversy and infighting at these Finals (not just France) that it's refreshing to see a team that play for each other and don't drop like they've been shot point blank at the slightest touch by an opponent.

    With Ghana next up, the US could well qualify for the quarter-finals, and that would be a wonderful accomplishment.
  • Group C

    Without question, the most emotional game thus far in the World Cup. The US was tied with Algeria 0-0 for over 90 minutes and was on the verge of elimination. Then, out of nowhere, Landon Donovan scores a goal and the US wins Group C.

    This could not have been written better by a Hollywood screenwriter. A perfect story of the comeback team and how the US refuses to back down.

    How far can the US go? Who knows, but this game was an emotional roller coaster and definitely made me glad that I got up very early this morning to see it.