Fifi and the Flowertots

Channel Five Premiered May 02, 2005 In Season


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  • Cool!

  • This is for idiots

    i really dislike this show.the characters are morons too! Fifi is a total birdbrained idiot who doesn't know anything,Bumble is a total goof and in he is acts like a disabled person,Primrose is a brat,The others are stupid as anything and I hate them all! The only character who is good is Violet but she didn't save the show.fifi has to get a teacher,bumble has to get his brain checked and the others have to die (except Violet)!I think tv creators have been on drugs and smoked and don't even listen to Hawkeye16 she doesn't know what real tv is!
  • Fifi teaches my girls about the world

    I'm a mum of two pre-school girls who watch Fifi and the Flowertots regularly and am very pleased that Nick Jr has the 'Join in May' episodes every weekday this month - thanks! I'm quite choosy about what they watch but as a full-time mum I do need those free moments when my little ones are absorbed in some telly. It's definitely a show I approve of and feel confident in as I know my girls receive good moral lessons from the stories and characters. What I really like is the idea of community - there are friends who live close by and they help each other out, they all pull together. There are the problem makers and the ones that find solutions so it's a realistic community of friends. I think if my kids are going to watch telly they should watch something that nurtures the value of friendship. AND it's fun. Visually, it's so bright and green and lush and, I have to say, has actually helped my girls be more interested in the outdoors. All in all, we love it!
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