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Fifteen follows the lives of High School students and deals with a variety of issues including dating, alcohol abuse, and friends. The series started in Canada, under the name Hillside, on YTV in 1990, but eventually was released, as Fifteen, in the US on Nickelodeon in 1991. Only 65 episodes had been produced until Nick stopped production in 1993. Fifteen was a soap opera for teens, and was Nickelodeon's first attempt at a teen soap opera. The basis of the show was the trials and tribulations of our teenage years, and the plots usually dealt with the struggles to fit in, alcohol, relationships, and school. The show is pretty simple, but overly melodramatic. The characters are all pretty much easy to understand. There was Matt, who was the show's resident athlete. He played basketball, and was an alcoholic. Then there was his girlfriend Ashley. She was sweet and charming, bubbling in innocence. Then she got caught cheating on a test and got sent to another school by her parents. Her stay at the other school lasted just long enough for Matt to ask out another girl, then Ashley returned. Eventually she dumped Matt for the evil (in relative terms) Chris. After that she had multiple boyfriends. Billy was Courtney's younger friend. Billy enjoyed hanging out with Dylan, much to his sister's dismay. When their parents split up, Courtney had been something of a guardian to Billy. Inevitably, Courtney falls for Dylan. Jake never played a huge role. He was always that nice guy who finishes last. Cindy was a minor character at best, and never seen after the first season. I do remember her saying this, however: "This whole school is an ecological disaster area!" Also fodder for season one was Theresa. As dense as she was, she did manage to expose the evil Brooke. Brooke was pure evil. She seemed intent on breaking up Matt and Ashley. She came close but never quite succeeded. In season one she had an understudy named Kelly, who eventually betrayed her and busted her for cheating on a paper.The split didn't help Kelly's fortunes, because she was gone after season one. During season two, Brooke recruited another partner in crime. Well, maybe not recruited. Janice (who got her start in show biz on You Can't Do That On Television. Yaay!) joined her ranks, but she was wholly hated. Then there was the "cool rebel" Dylan who had a rock band. I don't remember buying any releases from them though. The band broke up approximately 632 times, but always seemed to reform. Billy was even drummer for them once. Apparently Dylan was so popular a character that Nick thought a clone of him was in order. Thus we had Chris. Like Dylan, Chris never seemed to do anything extremely bad, be just looked like a loser.moreless

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  • my friends and I still make references about this show.

    Somehow my friends and I were talking about old shows, and this ended up on Nickelodean when we were younger but most of us had heard about it, so we always joke about this show. It was like a soap opera for teenagers. The people in this show were about are age give a take 1 or 2 years, so it was a good show to watch when they Nickelodean got it from the Canadians I believe. It was interesting, and it's funny with Ryan Reynolds being in so many big movies now, that we still joke about how he was Billy from fifteen. This show was pretty decent to watch most of the time, and most of the girls were cute, like the girl who played Ashley and the girl who played Courtney.moreless

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