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  • Decent

    Ignore the last review. Fifth Gear referred to BMW as Bavarian Motor Works which is the English translation of Bayerische Moteren Werke. So the reviewer is the Pratt, not Fifth Gear.

    The show has gone through many format changes and presenters over the years, trying to find a comfortable place in the genre. It's probably perfect the way it is right now (2013). It's more of a car show than Top Gear because you get proper reviews of everyday cars where Top Gear has become an entertainment show featuring cars, most of which are of a super nature. Top Gear is still better, though.

  • BMW meaning.

    You prats need to learn how to spell. BMW stands for BAYERISCHE MOTEREN WERKE NOT the meaning you posted in one of your shows I saw recently!!!
  • The entertainig show..

    Well.. To be honest i'm tired of the lesser show (Top Gear). Too bad Fifth Gear is hard to come by.. It is not easy to find stations that broadcast it at least not in Finland. "Pile of Boo" wrote quite much about his dislike of the show. It is nice to see that he/she still finds time for it though. It is nice to see that it is possible to do entertaining show without nastiness or belittling. Fifth Gear is great show..
  • MG ZT 260

    As much as I appreciate it is difficult to review a car that you have not had for a longer period of time, the review of the MGZT 260 is poor. The ZT 260 is one of the best handling cars for a big saloon car. I have had my car for over 8 years and used it on road and on track, It is one of the quickest. The ride is hard but not that bad.

    PS. The rear subframe is less than 900 not 3k.

  • stupid

    stupid show the hell would buy a car a drive it like those idiots nothing but louts beat top gear
  • What was the first car with ABS?

    Their answer was the S class Mercedes, that is not correct. although not using . Ford motor company in 1969 had the first version of ABS, on their Lincoln Mark 111 (three), it was called Sure-Trac, the rear axle assembly had a wire attached to it to during emergency stops the wire through a computer (back then,most likely a relay switch system that would pulsate the brakes, mostly rear for skidding control, so Mercedes was not the first with this technology, but Ford was, just trying to help,I've been collecting old cars since 1975,I have a salvage business with over 1200 old classics 1947 and newer, all american, you can look me up at my web page there is an interview by Old Cars Weekly, I would be glad to involve myself if you need me, thank you Bob Herbst, my phone is (910)-350-0218 est North Carolina, once again thank you very much Bob.
  • Good show to watch

    Why I enjoy watching FIFTH GEAR...

    --- no nonsense automobile tests

    --- no wasting my time chitchats

    --- no vehicle wrecking ideas

    Just up-straight testing and recommendations for better motoring. It's really what we need!
  • VBH why oh why...

    Why oh why does VBH always sit so close to the steering wheel, does my head in seeing people (generally women) sitting in front of the front seat passenger , arms and knees bent, they don't even have room for an airbag to deploy.... Look around when you can you will see what I mean.....
  • Im atcually disapointed in this episode: Five Gear - best4x4 drive SUV,


    I feel that the Land Rover was not judged Fairly, as that was infact the newer Freelander, faceliftand it is safer and much more reliable than the first freelander, Ncap only tests the first one, not the one that was on the show.

    The freelander Facelift is better than all those other cars, and i have friends who have had the others, i still have the Landie and its awesome.

  • I dug one of my eyeballs out with a spoon after watching this drivel.

    Where to start? The presenters....

    I reckon when they did the casting for this series they must have hauled Tiff and Plato in the office (a cafe?) and offered them a deal to present the whole show, Tiff and Plato said ok but for X amount. Hmmmm say the Channel 5 porducers, "Too exspensive. We'll have to get 2 muppets to sit on cars in a crummy studio making pointless snotty comments about cars they'll never own inbetween Tiff and Plato's cool sketches just to pad it out a bit. They'll have to be cheap as well, prefereably with no driving skill whatsoever. We'll never let them drive anything more exspensive that a Ford Ka anyway. Maybe we'll let them play with the Bang and Oulafson stereo in an Audi but that's it." They take a trip down the local dole queue in Staines or some other hole of a town and recruit Tom and Johny. Tiff and Plato take the deal to drive the mint cars and these plebs can fill in the gaps. "Nice work" say the producers to each other, "Champers for lunch?"

    Tom Ford.
    What a talentless freak. his snyde comments and sarcastic tone make my toes curl up when his mug in degrading my nice new Bravia, even the dog stays clear of me when these guys are on after nearly being thrown at the telly in anger. Even when Tom introduces the ad break he does it with contempt, what a tool. When they arent giving him some Kia peice of poo to rag around a car park, he's parked his massive 4rse on it in the studio because he cant be bothered to stand up for more than 3 minutes at a time. Me and my mates just want to hold the ape down and give him a damned good shave! Im glad he stacked his van and broke his foot, its just a shame he didnt smack his head and get some sense knocked into him.

    Tim Shaw.
    I think this guys missus sold his MR2 for 50p on ebay, good girl. She's got him sussed and if she thinks he's a tool, who am i to argue?

    Vicky Butlet Henderson.
    Eat something you rake! Dopey blonde thinks she can drive, she should be pole dancing in the background or something to take our minds off the nonces presenting this drivel. My mate went out with her, she's a nice enough girl but for gods sake woman, learn your place and get up that pole!

    I feel slightly better now.
  • ambitious but rubbish

    if you want a car show watch top gear i'm not saying the shows complete crap because it isn't ok most tom ford is an idiot and he should be replaced harry hill so he could get the other presenters to fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    then i'd watch it but until then i'sticking with top gear you see the thing is fifth gear was launched as a rival fo old top gear which is almost completely forgotten so its embeded in the past a bit . and another thing if your'e going to make a car show atleast get some presenter that can inject a bit of comedy into it . i'm sorry but i prefer top gear australia
  • Great show in my opinion!

    I was always a Top Gear fan when it came to car shows, but recently I started watching Fifth Gear aswell, mainly due to the reason that most of the time, Top Gear isnt even on due to them having very very short seasons.

    Fifth Gear is more like the good old Top Gear episodes, alot more focussed on cars and serious car reviews. There is still alot of fun, but Fifth Gear I find is alot more informative.

    Although it will never be the same as Top Gear to me, mainly due to the different presenters, this show gets a 8.5 from me(well for now anyways.
  • A decent show about cars.

    Fifth Gear is a show where they review cars, and educate on other car related topics. It is a more informative show then Top Gear but not as exciting. It is nice seeing Tiff and Jason throw these cars around a track since they are both proffesional drivers, and they can handle them very well. Viki can get really annoying, and while she is also a pro driver, she just can get really annoying in her reviews.
    I would recommend to watch this show along side Top Gear, hear you will see what pros can do with the cars and then you can go watch Top Gear where they will keep you entertained.
  • Trying desperately to copy Top Gear and failing to do so completely

    If you want to watch a good car programme - watch Top Gear.

    This programme tries very hard to copy Top Gear, it tries to repeat all of their stunts and trials but do it worse and with less energy.

    Their presenters are very dull and the impression that comes across is that they aren't very knowledgeable about cars. Aside from Tiff Needell not one of them can drive well. Tom Ford is the only good presenter on the show at the moment.

    Strangely, the series is filmed in the Ace Cafe in Perivale. The reason is unclear since this cafe caters mostly for motorcycles. This show is trying to take the motorcycle market because they know Top Gear does not.

    The biggest gripe with this show is that they do not test new cars. The cars they test have been out for a while. This may be because they are catching up but more than likely is that the car companies aren't willing to send cars to them to test.

    This is not a good show and it is surprising it is still on the air. It got 1.0 from me because it won't let me submit 0.0.
  • If you want a motoring show, watch Top Gear.

    To be fair, a lot of the cast and crew behind this show were stolen (or, rather, sold) from the BBC's Top Gear.

    But since then, the show has moved on. That's not my problem with Fifth Gear, however, because I'm generally interested in cars. What I can't stand is the way Fifth Gear have to do it so formally and politically correct. I don't care if it's good for the environment and a bestseller - if the car is crap, just say it's crap.

    The show has potential. Maybe if they didn't have to present their information in such a boring way, and if they'd ditch Channel Five, people might actually watch it.