Fight for Fame

Sunday 10:00 PM on E! Premiered Jun 05, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Good show. I recommend it, but I'm a little biased!

    I was on the show as a contestant. Episode 6....Julie Austin here. ;) I thought the crew was great. Love everyone at E! Adam was a sweetheart too, Greg was okay. I thought my episode (after editing) was great, but some of the others were so cheasy. Might suggest a few changes before a season 2, but overall I enjoyed watching them all. I didn't make it to the end, but actually it was far better for me not to have. Turns out, my preformance on the show caught the eye of the president of Abrams Artist Agency (AAA) and I am now in their theatrical and commercial deptartments....represented personally by Mark Measures for all my theatrical. Since the show aired (about 8 weeks ago), I have 2 national commercials currently running and a great little movie role in the works! Cool huh? So any future contestants, or past contestants, like me, who didn't sign with ACME.....just do your best and have fun and enjoy the show. You could win in more than just the usual way. FATE and GOD have a way of taking control! If I had signed with ACME I might alway be considered just a "Fight for Famer"...who won an agent on a game show.

    Good luck guys! Tootles.......Jules ;)

  • Wonderful!

    Great! Just Great! This show is the best! Much better then the old, played out American Idol and those other stupid reality shows. This has a point for someone to reach thier dream as an actor/actress. Even People who watch this that want to be a an actor/actress can even try this show! The best part of this show is the end when the two remaining people at the end say thier little speach at the end. That gives people great courage to acomplish somthing they want like acting! More Shows please! :)
  • Fight for fame is about 5 aspiring hopefuls who are trying to get a highly-sought after hollywood agent. Thanks to the good folks of Acme talent and Literary, and E! viewers, and other hopefuls get to see the funny, strange, good, and bad talent, So watc

    This show is a good show, and it definitley invokes many emotions while your watching it, and many emotions while you watch some people's "acting," because, you know, some are not gravy baby. Oh and to all the people who says that Adam punks out to Greg, mostly because of the last 3 episodes and how it did look like that, then you haven't seen the last episode, Adam was like I run this, and actually chose his choice, Go Adam Go. And Greg you know you rock too.
  • A decent reality show that needs some tweaking.

    I started watching the show because I knew one of the contestants, to my amazement, I got hooked and have seen every episode.

    She made it through the second round, but I felt she should have made it further based on her acting skill and overall marketability. In my opinion, the judging on the show is too subjective. I did get a chance to speak to her after the show aired, and she mentioned that it was a three day shoot.

    Having said that, I do think the show is as entertaining as any other unscripted show on basic cable. The show does need some tweaking if it gets picked up for a second season.
  • Fight For Fame is an excellent show detailing a talent agencys search for new clients.

    Wow. This is a cool show. That Adam and Greg are really sexy agents who can help actors learn alot about the business...

    Oh, actually, I am Adam, and I am just trying to get people to pay attention.

    We have been doing well in the ratings, and the clients we have signed from the show have been working. I am very happy with what we have done here. Any comments?

    Adam Lieblein
    President - Acme Talent & Literary
  • Fight For Fame is a very interesting look into the process of getting chosen to sign with an agent for an acting career.

    I just can't believe how sleazy and catty some of the people are who come on the show! It's always interesting to see the first audition, who gets eliminated and how the remaining 4 people work together. Like American Idol, it's nice to see that everyday people have talent and are pursuing their dreams.