Fight Quest

Friday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jan 04, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • China (Wushu; Sanda)
      Location: Dengfeng, China
      Masters: Shi De Yang, Shi De Cheng
      Features: Hands, Feet, smashing things
      Our fighters head to China's legendary Songshan mountains to learn the mother of all martial arts: Kung Fu.
    • Philippines (Kali)
      Location: Manila, Philippines
      Masters: Cristino Vasquez, Leo T. Gaje Jr.
      Features: Knives, sticks
      In this episode, our boys head to Manila to try their hands in the weapons-based Filipino art of Kali - one of the deadliest, most ancient fighting systems on earth.
    • Kyokushin Karate (Tokyo, Japan)
      Location: Tokyo, Japan
      Masters: Shihan Yuzo Goda, Shihan Isamu Fukuda
      Features: Hands, feet, smashing things
      Jimmy and Doug journey to Tokyo to learn the brutal bare-fisted fighting style known as Kyokushin Karate. After five days of intense training, Doug is injured and Jimmy exhausted, but both fighters must fight five black-belts - one after the other - in a tradition known as a "Kumite."moreless
    • Mexico (Boxing)
      Mexico (Boxing)
      Episode 4
      Location: Mexico City, Mexico
      Masters: Ignacio "Nacho" Beristain, Tiburcio Garcia
      Features: Hands Jimmy and Doug head to Mexico City to learn the rough and tumble world of Mexican Boxing. Training at over 10,000 feet above sea-level, Doug's stamina is tested to the max while Jimmy is overwhelmed by the fact that he has to train alongside Olympic champions.moreless
    • Indonesia (Pencak Silat)
      Location: Bandung, Indonesia
      Masters: Rita Suwanda, Dadang Gunawan
      Features: Hands, feet, throws, weapons In the remote streets of Bandung, Jimmy and Doug learn the ancient fighting art known as Pencak-Silat. While training with one of Indonesia's toughest Silat masters, Doug injures his foot and has to decide whether to fight in his final battle or not.moreless
    • France (Savate)
      France (Savate)
      Episode 6
      Location: Marseille, France
      Masters: Christian Robert, Frank May, Frederic Baret, Laurent Bois, Patrick Gellat
      Features: Hands, feet Jimmy and Doug are off to the hard-scrabble port of Marseilles to learn France's contribution to the world of kickboxing - Savate, an elegant but brutal fighting form with kicks so dangerous they've been outlawed.moreless
    • Korea (Hapkido)
      Korea (Hapkido)
      Episode 7
      Location: Seoul, South Korea
      Masters: Kim Nam Je, Bae Sung Book, Ju Soong Weo
      Features: Feet, hands, throws Hapkido is Korea's gift to the world of martial arts and in this episode Jimmy and Doug learn the ins and outs of this deadly defensive art.
    • Brazil (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
      Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      Masters: Breno Sivak, Renato Barreto
      Features: Grappling

      Our fighters land in Rio to experience the wildly popular world of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and train with the legendary Gracie family.
    • Israel (Krav Maga)
      Location: Netanya, Israel
      Masters: Ran Nakash, Avivit Oftek Cohen
      Features: Everything that hurts

      The Israeli military is one of the most highly trained and skilled forces in the world, and their secret weapon is Krav Maga. In this episode, Jimmy and Doug train with the Israeli military and learn the secrets of this murderous fighting

    • USA (Kajukenbo)
      USA (Kajukenbo)
      Episode 10
      Location: Bay Area, Calif.
      Masters: Charles Gaylord, Greg Harper
      Features: Hands, feet, throws

      Kajukenbo is a street-fighting martial art comprised of the most deadly moves from karate, kung fu, and other fighting styles. In this episode, Jimmy and Doug travel to the roughest edges of the S.F. Bay area to uncover why some Americans live to fight.moreless
  • Season 2