Fight Quest

Season 1 Episode 9

Israel (Krav Maga)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2008 on Discovery Channel

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  • Kra Mago in an effective fighting style. It combines the techiques from all other disciplines. but I don't believe Jimmy knows what he was doing when he agrees to fight 12 guys and a woman.

    The reason I believe Jimmy did not know what he was doing because those 12 guys kept kicking Jimmy in the same spot (the Knees). That is pretty silly for the producer/director to let Jimmy received pounding in the knee. The knee is not design to take pounding from 12 different guys and one woman. It was like they want to intentionally send Jimmy to the Orthepedic surgeons. Why don't those guys switch area of attak to save Jimmmy's knees. Poor Jimmy. It is pathetic that those 12 guys damage Jimmy's knee. Ever since that show, Fight Quest is off the air. I've never seen Jimmy going to fight anywhere elese,perhap to fight a disciple of Bokator, the ancestor of all SE Asian martial arts.. I enjoy the show. It is fair if the fight is one-on-one. Jimmy is no master. Even a master can't take on 12 guys taking turn kicking the knees. I just want to see the show, Fight Quest, goes on. I don't want to see the one of the main characters recovering from knee surgery.

    If I am wrong on my observation, please let me know.