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Friday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jan 04, 2008 Between Seasons


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    Very good show! I really hope that you will continue with that show and show us more, you should record a new episode! You still have a lot of martial arts to show us, for example one of my best martial art is defenitely "Kempo Arnis" from Borut Kincl (Slovenia) :: or also "KAPAP" from Avi Nardia (Israel) is great . Please start to record! These two are similar to KRAV MAGA or Russian SYSTEMA but in my opinion I prefer Kempo Arnis or KAPAP. It's much better and most effective. It's all in one! Kempo Arnis is used in slovenian special forces and now is also used for civilians, they can also train. It's highly effective method of self defense that teaches practical application of Ryukyu kempo and Modern arnis, while dispensing with the traditional on the website. I'm looking forward to see you again Jimmy and Doug! ;-)
  • A great show that opens the various martial arts of the world to a Western audience, sometimes for the first time! And with a second season starting 9/26/2008, there is more to come!

    Really a fantastic show. Hosts Jimmy and Doug, a professional fighter and a veteran soldier, respectively, travel the world in search of tutalage in myriad different forms of martial arts.

    What I think is particularly great is the fact that unlike copy-cat show Human Weapon, Jimmy and Doug seperate at the beginning of their training. While studying the same art, they found time to study different branches.

    At the end of an episode, each of them face off with a regional expert on the form they've been studying. A downside of the show's format is that they only spend a week in training. It's brutal, but it's only a crash course in the form. Still, it gives the audience a rough idea of what the martial art is all about, a bit of it's history, and the potential to go off and learn more about it!
  • Great Show

    Fight Quest is a show about two people, Doug Anderson, an Iraqi war veteran and rookie fighter, and Jimmy Smith, an MMA fighter and former math teacher. They go around the world and learn the different fighting styles that are native to that area. The show is similar to Human Weapon but I think it is better. Instead of going into the physics of everything like Human Weapon does, Fight Quest shows you the type of training you have to do and how intense it is. I would also say the two hosts, Jimmy and Doug do an excellent job. Better than Human Weapon.
  • Awesome show.

    This show is brilliant and watch it whenever I can.

    Its different to other shows of similar type, but in saying that, I havent seen alot of shows of even this genre.

    I think that its quite unique and the two guys on it are great, they explain everything very well for the average guy like me, who knows little about the sport of martial arts and different fighting styles.

    This is a new interest of mine, and I find this show very very good.

    It has to be given a 10 out of 10 from me, just because I havent seen a bad episode to date, I have only seen 3 episodes, and each one pleases me everytime.
  • Good show

    Fight Quest is the show that follows Doug Andeson and Jimmy Smith as they go all around the world learning martial arts that are natvie to that area. At first it may seem similiar to the History Channel's Huamn Weapon, and while the similiatis are striking, Fight Quest seems more to do with the martila art itself rather than the history and the breaking down of each move more, although I like Human Weapon more, because the hosts do a better job and are more interseting. Overall, this is a good show fo rthose who are into martial arts and I reccommend it 8/10
  • Doug and Jimmy embark on their Fight Quest. They will learn multiple fighting techniques from around the world.

    Doug and Jimmy are best friends. Doug is an Iraq veteran and a rookie fighter. Jimmy is a professional MMA fighter and the two embark on worldly tours to gain knowledge and expierience different fighting techniques. Anywhere from Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, to Israelian Krav Maga. Behind the camera's, Doug and Jimmy are best friends and do everything with each other. The two usually get pretty beat up in their training as their masters show no mercy whatsoever. On most occasions, the two have cuts and bruises and, a few times, they face life-threatening situations. Jimmy has been kicked in the liver before and Doug has been choked out with a crucifix choke hold. This show is an instant classic and should continue forever.
  • Fight Quest

    Fight quest stars Jimmy Smith, formal mixed matial arts fighter, and Doug Anderson, an Iraqi war veteran. They go to various places around the world and train with some of the greatest martial arts masters. After a week of training to go up against some of the best in that specific technique. Its pretty much like Human weapon, but not as good. Human weapon shows the moves more in depth and in my opinion are better fighters. What i do prefer from fight quest than Human weapon is that they each go off and train under a different master and they both fight at the end. I think its an alright show and worth watching.... human weapon is still better.
  • Two men travel the world to learn different fighting styles.

    As someone who does martial arts, kartae in particular, I thought that this show would be really interesting. When I saw previews for it I thought that it was alot like Human Weapon, which is not a bad thing. Human Weapon, though, was the first one to do this idea and they have better fighters as well, plus they have in depth analysis on how the moves look with the bone and muscle structure, which is really cool. The premise of the show is almost the exact same as Human Weapon, although in Fight Quest they have the fighters go train with one of the master's seperatley. I like thsi idea because it shows how each master has his or her own training style. Overall, a good show just not as good as Human Weapon.
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