Fighting Foodons

Season 1 Episode 25

Chase in Space

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Aug 23, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Chase in Space
Chase and the gang head off to find King Gorge and stop him once and for all.

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    Marc Thompson

    Marc Thompson

    Additional Voices

    Veronica Taylor

    Veronica Taylor


    Eric Stuart

    Eric Stuart


    Maddie Blaustein

    Maddie Blaustein

    Burnt Meatballs

    Sean Schemmel

    Sean Schemmel

    Chet, Davy Gravy, Juice Man, Rap Scallion, Additional Voices

    Ted Lewis (II)

    Ted Lewis (II)

    Frenchy LaToast

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      • [Opening quotes]
        Chase: Alright, King Gorge, the party's over!
        (A hologram of King Gorge appears)
        Chase: I'm fed up! Prepare for battle!
        Gorge: Ha! You think you're a match for the all-powerful King Gorge?
        Chase: Why you! I'm not afraid of you!
        Kayla: Yeah! You tell him, Chase!
        Pie Tin: Show that King Gorge who's boss!
        Chef Jack: Save it, kids. However powerful your Foodons may be, they're no match for King Gorge's supernatural powers.
        Chase: What are you crazy, I've come all this way and even defeated the Big 4 and now you want me to throw in the dish towle and give up?!
        Chef Jack: I was just kidding.
        King Gorge: Joke all you want.
        (A moniter switches on)
        Glutton: King Gorge, your highness, I'm sorry to interupt, but, WAA!
        King Gorge: What's the matter?
        Glutton: We're getting reports from all over! The Rebels and their Foodons are rising up against the Gourmandizer units!
        (Multiple moniters switch on, showing Rebel Chefs attacking Gorge statues)
        Pie Tin: Look, it's Chet and Rapscallion!
        Kayla: Yeah, and Prof. Crock Pop too!
        Chef Jack(Eyes shining): Looks like the revolution's in full swing!
        [Cue Opening]

      • Dia: Sorry! You've exceeded the allowable weight limit for the Eggpanet Eggsplorer! And if you don't mind, I could really use a hand down here! We're outnumbered, and these Foodons are armed and dangerous!
        Chase & Co.: WHY DO YOU THINK WE WANT TO LEAVE!?

    • NOTES (2)

      • Foodons revealed: Multiprawns, Flying Flapjacks, Screwdles, Seafood Impastas, Snack Attack, Sushi Ship.

      • The following characters make a reappearance in this ep.: Gazmacho, Gobblebot and Scarinara. Jumbalidia and Tureen. Chet, Rapscallion and Crock Pop. Kima and King Hungry The Ate. The Monkey, Bear, Fox and Bat that were once the Big 4.

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