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  • Man what's the meaning of this B.S.

    After Fox Kids changed their name to Jetix the FOXBOX was born but what the hell were they thinking of with a gay ass cartoon like Fighting Foodons I seen alot of terrible kids anime but this took the cake. Heck I'd rather watch re runs of rugrats instead of this poor excuse for a kids anime man what were they thinking taking off fox kids and giving us this gay show. Ultimate Muscle, Mew Mew Power, and Ninja Turtles are good shows. What's the damn meaning of this gay cartoon.

    P.S Just thinking about this cartoon makes me sad why they took mon colle knight off the air for this.
  • The best series ever seen in the year of 2002-2003 4Kids history.

    When Fox Box (formed to 4Kids TV) started on September 22, 2002, new shows were introduced. Fighting Foodons was a great series show with big loads of laughs, action, and adventure. Like Pokemon, Fighting Foodons was similar and kida a food can talk only once or phrases as well. Although, it ended on August 2003, but I kinda missed the parts of the ending (I set the very first 10 episodes seen on my DVR) . Great show to see it, but it will be on site where all the episodes of Fighting Foodons are located. A total reccomend for those you like Pokemon, Dinosaur King, and Sonic X to see it.
  • Good show, but in my mind, close to a rip-off of Pokemon.

    I think this show is good, but with just one problem. I think that this show is close to a rip-off of Pokemon. The food creations only say their names, just like Pokemon. I used to watch this show back in 2003 every Saturday morning on what used to be The Fox Box, now known as 4Kids TV. I did like the characters in this show, I liked Omlette the most, because he's cute. The battles in this show were interesting. It was a war between foodons that were recipes made the chef warrior. I'm giving this show a 7.5 because I did like this show, and it's a great memory. Overall, good show, but close to a rip-off of Pokemon, interesting battles, good characters, not exactly good music.
  • Fighting foodons is a show about chase, an aspiring foodon chef who has to battle the gluttons!

    I know this show is kind of wierd, and most people may think it's stupid, but for some wierd reason, i can't help but LOVE this show. I'm not much of an anime person at all but if I had to pick one to watch this would DEFINATELY be it... i suggest that fox puts out a DVD of this short-lived cartoon soon, before I die of withdrawals. This show rocks my world, end of story.
  • Awesome show dude. It rules.

    I never did get to see the end of this show. It was awesome. It is about food that coms to life and fights. I was shocked when they took it off the air. The ********. It is great shows like these that suffer from cancellation due to other crappy *** shows that are coming on.
  • Chase and his little sister are seeing their father. I was feeling great. Chase, his family and friends were saving the people from King Gorge and his evil people. Do King Gorge take Chase? Chase and Gorge have fought. Chase is defeating the evil Gorge. I

    I was feeling great. Chase and his little sister were seeing their father. Chase, his family and friends are saving the people from King Gorge and his evil people. Chase and Gorge have fought. Do King Gorge take Chase? Chase is defeating the evil Gorge. Is Chase the one? Cool!
  • Just plain weird.

    You know, I think that the creators went and got this show on fox just because they couldn't stand their parents saying, don't play with your food. This show was plain weird from the first episode to the last and like someone said on their review, its the Pokemon clone. It's just pokemon in food form. If you don't like pokemon tv series, you wouldn't like this show. I gave it 2 because I used to like it.
  • Well, it was different.

    This show was truely interesting. One thing I can say is it differs from all the other animes. But for some reason, I still find it as just the same as shows like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

    The basic concept of the show is simple. There is an evil dictator (you might as well call him one), called King Gorge. He's forcing his laws onto the people. Chase is a young foodon chef. Foodons are these creatures created from making dishes.

    Umm yeah, that's about as far as it goes. Everything else is same old, same old. Chase's dad is missing so Chase goes on a journey to follow in his foot steps. I've heard all this Jazz before.

    The show is kinda funny and the foodon fights are...original. But that's it. I give it a 6, for being slightly original.
  • i liked fighting foodons and then it suddenly disapeared?!

    I liked fighting foodons but one day it disapeared out of the air!! fighting foodons wasn't a bad show it was about people that could make food into monsters! which would be cool if it was true.I remember when it wasn't on anymore i waited for it to come back on but it didn't they could have been nice enough to show the rest of the series becuase i remember it was almost over!
  • A great show involving Chase, son of a great chef, trying to save the world. Simple enough.

    This was a great show to kick back, relax, and watch. It had all elements of a great show: action, cool characters, a little romance, and morals here and there. There wasnt a single episode that didnt mean anything. It was fun to see what kind of combos of food that Chase and his friends made. Though it didnt teach me about anything on cooking, though they prolly didnt intend to teach us that, it was still a great show.
  • Possibly the worst anime I've ever seen...scratch that, the worst show I've ever seen. Period.

    I don't even know where to begin. This is by far the worst of the Pokemon clones, and you'd be hard-pressed to find any trace of creativity or originality anywhere. But the creators of "Fighting Foodons" weren't satisfied with just making a generic copycat show; they had to make the concept downright stupid as well.

    In case you're unfamiliar with the show (Lucky you), "Fighting Foodons" is basically Pokemon...but with food. That's right, our cookie-cutter heroes are out there duking it out with french fries and spaghetti monsters. I'm not even joking. Whoever greenlit this must have been on acid.

    The hero, a spiky haired boy named Chase who looks and sounds like Ash Ketchum, is on the quest to become a Master Chef or whatever. I can't be bothered to explain the inane premise of "Fighting Foodons," as my IQ is already dropping rapidly from just mentioning its name. Joining him is his twerp buddy and the token chick, who is constantly holding a yellow creature that repeats its name, "Omelet." As a matter of fact, all the fighting, flailing entree-mon say nothing but their own names...and if that doesn't remind you of something, then you need to be hit with a frying pan.

    The animation sucks, the plots suck, the characters suck, it's annoying right down to the premise and practically unwatchable. "Fighting Foodons" gives me new respect for "Pokemon," which I'm not sure it deserves. But I'm pretty sure I'd rather watch a show that doesn't sport a theme song with the line, "Power up the fried rice with some peas/What will win? Italian or Chinese?"
  • just watched it for Clawdia

    The onliest reason I watched that ridiculous show was because of the catgirl Clawdia. When I first saw the show I was flipping through the chanels then all of a sudden I just see Clawdia then just flip the chanel again and suddenly I relized what she was. I started to watch the show and only watched it because of her. She was like the only cool character in the entire show. Not like that annoying Sir dumpling always saying pippip here we go or smashing joly good which always annoyed me but overal it was a tiny bit interesting.
  • Fighting Foodons: The Pokémon Clone.

    Fighting Foodons has to be one of the worst series about monster battles ever. If not, it is THE worst series about monster battles. The entire series revolves around food and chefs while being as illogical as can be. If it reminds you of Pokémon, you are not alone. Also, there is no redeeming qualities about the entire series, since the plot is so unoriginal. Furthermore, the characters are anything but likeable and memorable.

    There are enough food puns and references to choke a horse. Also, they have every cliché in this series. I am glad it is all over.