Fighting Foodons - Season 1

FOX (ended 2003)


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  • A Dish Better Served Cold
    Chase has to stop King Gorge from unleashing Devouron onto the planet.
  • Chase in Space
    Chase in Space
    Episode 25
    Chase and the gang head off to find King Gorge and stop him once and for all.
  • A Whole Lot at Steak
    Chase and the gang have finally defeated the final member of the Big Four and now have to stop King Gorge.
  • You Go Grill (2)
    You Go Grill (2)
    Episode 23
    Chase and the gang have to stop Butcherbot.
  • You Go Grill (1)
    You Go Grill (1)
    Episode 22
    Chase and the gang are now on a mission to defeat the evil chef Grill but when two evil foodon henchmen get in the way will Chase be able to destroy Grill or will Grill release the greatest foodon ever Butcherbot?
  • Hot n' Spy-cy
    Hot n' Spy-cy
    Episode 21
    After Grill makes her head of taking out the trash, Clawdia attempts to prove her worth after overhearing where the Hot Peppers were hiding. She creates Digestor to blast Chase and the gang out of hiding. She captures Olive, who is actually a robot after the real one was captured. Now Chase must beat the mighty Digestor but when Clawdia creates a watcher foodon it is almost impossible to defeat. Now with Sir Dumpling and cow-boyritto helping will Fried Ricer be able to defeat the awful onion?moreless
  • To Catch a Beef
    To Catch a Beef
    Episode 20
    With a few sneaky Foodons given to her by Grill, Clawdia attempts to steal the Burnt Meatballs (the secret ingredient of Chase's Foodon Deluxe, Feastivas).
  • License to Grill
    License to Grill
    Episode 19
    After Fruit Turtles destruction Chase and the gang go to find Davy Gravy, and his Shrimp Daddy to create the Foodon Deluxe, Feastivas. But still shaken from Fruit Turtles passing, Chase refuses to cook so now the gang is off to find the secret ingredients to complete Feastivas but what could it be? And will the new foodon be able to defeat Grill and Tank n Cheese?moreless
  • Assault and Pepper
    Assault and Pepper
    Episode 18
    After winning the noodle tournament, Chase battles Rose Marinade. She sends out her incredibly strong foodons who manhandle all of Chase's, Cocoa's, Albert's, and Pie tin's Foodons. Chase then uses Fruit turtle but when Rose Marinade's foodons combine into a deluxe foodon not even Fruit Turtle can stop it UNLESS they can find the purple pepper power topping!moreless
  • Use Your Noodle
    Use Your Noodle
    Episode 17
    Having been captured by the Gluttons, Kayla, Pie Tin and Oslo sit cold and starving in a dark prison cell. A mysterious old woman appears offering warm apple pie. Kayla and Pie Tin quickly gobble their slices but Oslo realizes that the pie has been tainted with Glutton seasoning which turns Kayla and Pie Tin into Gluttons. With Oslo left alone in the cell, Kayla and Pie Tin are released to their new post as Glutton henchmen. Suddenly, a figure in a dark hood comes and frees Oslo as well as Chef Albert, who's been kept prisoner also. The figure reveals himself to be Chase. Seeing this, Rose Marinade challenges him to a battle. Can Chase defeat Rose Marinade and free his friends from the Glutton grasp? Not without using his noodle.moreless
  • Attack of the Burger Brigade
    After the small hamlet of Gladburger is enslaved by Gluttons, Chase and the gang throw a cookout and sing "Foodon Fresh Festival" to remind the kids that they can still have a good time. But soon, the Gluttons show up and spoil the party. Then the Burger Brigade shows up, a team of specially trained Ninja Foodons sent by Rose Marinade to capture Chase. After a lengthy Foodon fight, Chase is missing. And where are they taking Kayla, Pie tin and Oslo?moreless
  • Swine Dining
    Swine Dining
    Episode 15
    Chase and the Rebel gang are forced into battle with a pack of angry Foodons known as the Pork Platoon. With help from Chef John and Coco, the Rebels fight off the swine onslaught, but not before Oslo tumbles over a cliff and disappears. The group takes refuge in the mountain village of Hamsterdam, where they're shown an ancient treasure chest left behind by the legendary "Grub Guru". A mysterious fortune teller warns that King Gorge's reign will not end until the Guru returns, but she senses he is near. When the villagers are struck by the nasty Swine Flu, the Pork Platoon moves in, morphing into the giant Foodon, Slop Suey. As Chase tries to whip up a cure, the Rebels fight off Slop Suey, but can they protect the village and the ancient treasure chest from falling into the Gluttons' greasy hands?moreless
  • The Comeback Squid
    The Comeback Squid
    Episode 14
    Too many fish in the sea? Not with a giant squid and octopus eating everything in sight and when Chase helps some local fishermen fight the source of their seafood shortage, he finds he's way in over his head. For starters, Fried Ricer is terrified of octopus and squid. Then, Cole Slawter gets wind of these fears and he decides to go fishing... for Chase! Will Fried Ricer overcome his phobias? Or will they both wind up as Cole Slawter's catch of the day?moreless
  • Slaw and Order
    Slaw and Order
    Episode 13
    Coco & Chef John(from Battling Banana Island) come across a village being invaded by the gluttuns. They try to stop them, but they both get captured. Chase and everyone come to the village and hear about their capture, and go to rescue them. On the boat were Cole Slawter, one of the big four, is holding them captive, Clawdia finds out that Coco has a crush on Chase. Chase arrives to rescue them. Slawter makes a bet: If Chase can win a match agents Sizzler he will free Coco and Chef John and give the stuff he stole back. Chase battles with Fried Ricer and wins. Slawter actually gives up everything without trying anything funny and King Gorge wants to kill him, but Slawter gets another chance.moreless
  • Cinnamonkey's Secret
    Cinnamonkey threatens to seize a kingdom for all the Gluttons.
  • El Taco Grande
    El Taco Grande
    Episode 11
    Their search for the legendary Salsa Especial leads Chase and the gang to Dusty Town, an old-fashioned cowboy town with old fashioned ways. It seems the cowboys use their Foodons as personal servants. But one Taco Foodon named Tacquito isn't going to stand for this injustice anymore. Tacquito and his bandito Foodons plot to steal the secret recipe from the last remaining jar of salsa. Mayor Slim Rations and his sheriff, Zuke Squash, have their hands full guarding the Salsa from Tacquito when things go from bad to worse. You guessed it. Clawdia breezes into town with a bread monster named Doughnasour to steal the recipe. Can Mayor Rations protect his precious condiment? And will he listen to Tacquito's plea... "Libre Los Foodons! Let them roam free!"moreless
  • Boot Camp Buffet
    Boot Camp Buffet
    Episode 10
    Chase arrives at the super-secret Gruel Academy to learn the finer points of combat cooking. Led by the eccentric Chef Crock Pop, the school plays a vital role in the underground Rebel Movement. It also possesses a legendary scroll which details the training secrets of the Elite Combat Chefs. Recent threats against the scroll have forced Crock Pop to place it under round-the-clock guard. But who wants to steal it? All fingers point to kitty culprit Clawdia who'd like to turn the academy into a Gormandizer Training Center. So will Bon Bon be able to hold onto his secrets of success? Or will they fall into enemy paws?moreless
  • Hot Pepper Pursuit
    Hot Pepper Pursuit
    Episode 9
    When Chase splits Banana Island to search for Kayla and the others, Chef John hands him a Hot Pepper guide book. An underground network of secret agents, the Peppers, help people whose loved ones go missing — usually by Glutton hands. On his way back to the mainland, Chase meets up with wild Jambalidia, a Pepper Agent, whose granddaughter, Tureen, was kidnapped by the Gormandizers. When Chase offers to rescue her, she returns the favor by putting the word out about Kayla and Company. Learning of their whereabouts, Chase and Jambalidia embark on a rescue mission that turns into a real pressure cooker.moreless
  • Battling Banana Island
    Chase wakes up to find himself on a Tropical Island.
  • You Wanna Pizza Me
    You Wanna Pizza Me
    Episode 7
    We learn the story of Master Flambé. It seems that long ago, the Master Chef cooked a masterpiece pizza for Princess Cupcake, but instead of waiting, she grabbed a slice at a place in town. Heartbroken, his ghost, and his ghost foodons - Slice, and Frenchy Le Toast, not to mention The Grease Blobs - haunt the Flambé Forest and the Mansion to this day. Master Flambé was a master chef. He baked a masterpiece pizza for Princess Cupcake. But, she went to a pizza place in town instead of eating his masterpiece pizza. He was torn to pieces after that. Since that incident, he, Slice, and Frenchy LeToast, all haunt the Flambé Forest and the Flambé Mansion to this very day. With the ghost Foodons hanging around, Claudia decides to get her claws on them and use them to scare Chase, Kayla, and Pie Tin and steal their Foodons. To start things off, she kidnaps Kayla and uses her as a hostage to lure Chase and Pie Tin to the Flambé Mansion. When Chase and Pie Tin reach the haunted mansion, they are greeted with a displeasing welcome. Clawdia thinks that her plan will be a success, but is wrong. It fails big time. Clawdia flees after the ghost of Master Flambé shows up. Master Flambé sees Kayla and thinks that she is Princess Cupcake. He asks her to eat his masterpiece pizza. Kayla eats the pizza and is delighted with its taste. Master Flambé is approved and his ghost goes to rest. Kayla finds Chase and Pie Tin and told them all about what happened. After that, the gang leaves Flambé Mansion.moreless
  • Avast Ye Gluttons
    Avast Ye Gluttons
    Episode 6
    Chase's victory celebration is cut short when he reveals that Chef Jack is his father. As the crowd turns on him, Chase and friends realize that the audience is filled with Gluttons and the whole contest was a set-up. Chase wins the contest. He and his friends throw a party for him. But, when Chase discovers who his real father is, it is cut short. Chef Jack turns out to be his father. Later, the audience turns out to be Gluttons. The contest was a setup to get Chase and his friends right where they wanted them. Chase then takes on King Gorge's Big 4. After a valiant struggle, he loses to them. Chef Jack emerges from the crowd, the gang gets captured, and they are taken to a secret Glutton Lab in the South Seas. The gang then saves Pie Tin's mom and dad and escape. The group heads for the MAC Cart and heads off. Chef Jack then steers a giant Glutton Foodon into the Glutton Lab and destroys it.moreless
  • We Have a Weiner
    We Have a Weiner
    Episode 5
    Chase enters the Floating Foodon contest with an appetite for victory. But a sudden loss to Chef Albert in a practice match leaves him with indigestion.
  • Ship of Foods
    Ship of Foods
    Episode 4
    After Chase's Fried Ricer takes first place in the Floating Foodon contest, the victory is bittersweet. Chase gets challenged by King Gorge's Son, but then this leaves a bad taste in Pie Tin's mouth so he challenges Gorge's son. Chase enters Fried Ricer in the Floating Foodon Contest. To his surprise, Fried Ricer comes out on top. After the contest, King Gorge's Son challenges Chase and Fried Ricer to a battle. Pie Tin has a bad feeling about the fight. So, Pie Tin and Sir Dumpling take on King Gorge's Son. ABout half way in the competition, King Gorge's Son's Foodon is putting some serious smack down on Sir Dumpling. But, Pie Tin uses Sir Dumpling's strongest attack ever and defeats King Gorge's Son.moreless
  • Mushroom with a View
    The gang arrives at Mushroom Manor and the innkeeper finds out that they are Foodon Chiefs. Oslo looses all his hair while trying to get a fly. So the Inn Keeper tells the gang to find a magical mushroom in the Funge Forest that will make it grow back. Oslo loses his hair while trying to get a fly. So, the inn keeper tells them to get a magical mushroom from the Funge Forest. The inn keeper is positive that the magical mushroom will make Oslo's hair grow back. When they arrive at the forest, Claudia attack with Beefsteak again. Chase summons Fried Ricer to, Kayla summons Omelet, and Pie Tin summons Sir Dumpling. Beefsteak takes them all out. Then, Chase summons Hot Doggone-It. Hot Doggone-It takes down Beefsteak. The gang grabs the magical mushroom and they take it back to Mushroom Manor. They use the magical mushroom on Oslo and his hair grows back.moreless
  • Pie Tin Power
    Pie Tin Power
    Episode 2
    Pie Tin's parents have been imprisoned by the Gluttons, and Pie Tin goes off to rescue them. Claudia learns of this and devises to fool Pie Tin into believing that Chase and Kayla are Gluttons. Will Pie Tin ever find his parents? Pie Tin discovers that his mom and dad have been captured by the Gluttons. Pie Tin and Sir Dumpling head off to save them. Claudia learns about Pie Tin going to save his parents. So, she trire to make Pie Tin Believe that Chase and Kayla are Gluttons. Pie Tin keeps on going. When he arrives to where his mom and dad are being held captive, he summons Sir Dumpling. But, Sir Dumpling and Pie Tin cannot stop them alone. Chase shows up and summons Fried Ricer to help him out. Then, Kayla shows up and summons Omelet. Together, they are successful in saving Pie Tins parents from the Gluttons.moreless
  • Rice To Meet You
    Rice To Meet You
    Episode 1
    King Gorge has imprisoned all the rebel chefs who would overthrow his evil empire. Chase and his little sister, Kayla, have come to rescue their father, the famous chef, Jack, who is imprisoned in one of Gorge's castles. Meanwhile, Clauadia, one of Gorge's evil chefs, is making Beefsteak, a very powerful Foodon. Chase learns the art of summoning Foodons. His Foodon is Fried Ricer. Fried Ricer is is a semi-strong foodon. Chase trains with him to get him stronger. Meanwhile, Claudia is making Beefsteak, one of the most powerful Foodons. Chase and Fried Ricer come face to face with Beefsteak. Chase and Fried Ricer almost lose the fight, but Fried Ricer uses his all and is successful in stopping Beefsteak.moreless