Fighting Spirit

(ended 2003)


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  • SEASON 3!

    Season 3 is confirmed for this fall! Cant wait! Its gonna be great!
  • Defiantly one of the best sports anime out there

    Well it's a sport anime about boxing. At first I didn't think that I'll like this show, but once I watched the first episode I got hocked and started watching more anime after this. If you watched "Slam Dunk" then you should defiantly watch this show. I am surprised that not many people know about it. This anime is really exciting hilarious and addictive. It's only 19 mints if you cut the opening and the ending song. it would be such a waste not to watch it. Well you should give it a try and see for yourself how good it is.
  • The storyline is about a high school boy who is always picked on. He grows in confidence after taking up the Sport of Boxing.

    This show is hilarious and inspirational. You can identify with the trials and tribulations that the main Character, Ippo, goes through. From the Nerdy, and uncoordinated beginnings, you witness the emotional ups and downs. He starts off as a kid with no confidence. Being picked on was the norm, until Takemura, an upcoming middleweight fighter, saves him from bullies beating up on him. Through training and hard work, Ippo grows in confidence and strength. It's an emotional rollercoaster from the first victory, throughout. The supporting characters blend very well and compliment each other. This series got me hooked into Japanese Anime.
  • This anime is too damned good to let it go to waste ... if your not watching it or havent watched it. look at one episode and you will stick to it like glue.

    Hajimeno Ippo a good kid that studies a lot and generally a push over at school. Sounds like an everyday cliche story right? ... wrong. This kid is one of those good spirited kids that of course always tries to do what's right and give his best effort in all. But because he was such a push over his life was hell before, a boxer helped him out. After getting rescued and helped by a boxer who became one of his best friends, he started learning boxing and his entire used to be pathetic life took a turn to whats called self superation in other words ... it started to rock the world. This story is about beating all the obstacles showing the world that no matter how weak or scrawny or smart you are, if you train and put your heart into something you can always become good at it. The moral is to never give up and to face all your fears no matter how big the wall to climb is, you can always try and try again. Failure is an option as long as you get back on your feet and try again.

    Besides all of that it shows the good and the bad about boxing in most of its areas so ... for all those sport addicts watch this ... its a Must See!!!
  • I am not normally a fan of boxing in general and don't tend to watch much sport, who would have thought that a boxing anime would turn out so great!

    Fighting Spirit, or Hajime no Ippo as I know it (watched the japanese, original, version with subs) was an unexpected find for me, I happened to watch an episode at someone else's house and from then I was hooked!

    The story has no magic, no mecha, no outlandish creatures, nothing but a guy and his love of boxing. The story is well told and well animated with the characters all being hilarious, I especially love Mashiba's reaction to Makunouchi's name.

    The way the character develops through hard work also makes a change from the norm "gifted hero" approach most anime's take and it's a refreshing change of pace.

    Right from the first episode Hajime no Ippo drew me in with its good natured story and comedy and still hasn't let me go! A Great blend of action and comedy

    (I'm still reading the manga which carries on from the end of the animated series)
  • awesome, how can a sports anime be this good!

    This story treats about a boy who was bulled at school, worked in a fishing boats rent and who has no father. He is 16 years old and, one of the days when he is being bulled, Takamura (a middle-weight boxer) finds him and helps him, what inspires this boy (Ippo Makanauchi) to become strong as him. After some episodes the theme changes completely. The story goes on until he grows some years up, and through his career as a proffesional boxer he makes friends and rivals, finds other boxers with other dreams (which are sometimes shown in complete chapters), and find out the difficulties of training to be a boxer. His gym-mates also have their stories (one of them Takamura, an irresponsible guy, messy and abusive with wemen, but he is the japan champion) and fights. The story treat sabout his way to being the champion. But this is not a sports anime as all the others, he does passes through defeats, but his passion for this sport makes him always continue. The serie catches your attention immediately, and as you follow it, you will find out tons of moral lessons and the heart that boxers must have (it made me think that boxing is not really a stupid sport, what i thought before) and the way in which anyone can change by just loving something. But it also shows the bad side of it. Lifes of all invilve boxers is shown, and all their dreams crush in the ring. The music is awesome, and the fighting animation is impressive, graphically awesome, each movement is shown, not like those sport animes where you cann luckily see where the ball is and where time seems infinite. Here boxers think while being attacked or while attacking, no cuts (except for flashbacks, that commonly happen when the boxer is in the loan (KO)), and sometimes these thoughts are interrupted by a well-placed punch. The last fight will take your minds and hearts away. there is an incredible tension, since the serie shows you all the time that the fighters had to train and all the effort they had put to win, and the action and animation in it are awesome. In conclusion, this serie is better that the other sports ones because it is realistic and shows the characters daily lifes, not all chapters treat about matches, but they are events that you must wait for while you see them preparing for it.
  • I would have never thought an anime about boxing could be this great. The music pumps you up while you are watching it. The boxing matches have a lot of great action in them, and the comedy usually flows well with this show.

    I would have never thought an anime about boxing could be this great. The music pumps you up while you are watching it. The opening theme really hypes you up for the episode. The boxing matches have a lot of great action in them. The comedy usually flows well with this show, and it doesn't happen in points when it shouldn't happen. If you like anime or boxing, give it a shot. If you stick with it at least four or five episodes, you won't be disappointed.
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