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Figure 17



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Figure 17

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This show follows 10-year-old Tsubasa Shiina as she discovers an alien craft crash in the forest near her home and witnesses a "twin" of herself being created named Hakaru.
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  • Figwuawa 17!!!!

    Come on sisters, let's come back and get all those Maguars again! I mean, this show is without a doubt' not terrible or poor, this show was great! This show is very dramatic, emotional, and moving and touching, it's just right for a drama like drama is very heartwarming, touching and emotional so sometimes in those type or movies and shows could have some heartbreaking moments so it could get a sad every once and a while just like Figure 17, the wonderful Sci-Fi, Action and Drama show. Perfect for all ages, this show is about 10 year old Tsubasa Shiina who randomly finds a space craft in the middle of the forrest and discovers another young girl that looks exactly like locally created by the Ribers so she appears to be Tsubasa's sister. Very interesting description to it and I can understand how everyone likes it perfect for everyone, it dosen't matter that some on this earth may dislike this show or don't think it's that cool, it's still could be good for everyone.moreless