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  • when nickelodeon was doomed already after lori beth left that channel for nearly 20 years due to her age

    my parents are acting like that one figure it out like the dream things I had of when paul white was on there with the traditional cast from season one cause wrestling is the most watched program for 20 years with those animals that's why I looking at sponk that combined a classic nick game show itself with that ever so popular who's line is it anyway that aired on nick jr from 2001 to 2002 because of the nwo sting on wymt june 13th 1998
  • My Favorite Kid Game Show

    Various ep (99)
  • to figure it out

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  • Id Give it a 10 for the old and 5 for the new

    Old one ROCKS THE CLUB!!!! SEGA GENESIS. And new. Pretty deadful. I dont care if you dislike this but i have my opinion
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  • Figure it Out

    I only saw the ones shown from Disney Channel. I barely watch anymore though, it gets kind of boring.
  • to figure it out

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  • for fun

    What's up

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  • The best game show ever

    Figure It Out, - Figure It Out was like a couple of shows on tv, but this one was different it feature slime, a trademark from nickeldeon. A funny portion that made the show great. The game of the show was to try to figure out the talent of the kid feature in the episode. It ranged from family, to animals to anything really. The host for the show was named Summer Sanders who brightend up the show and brought the hosting abilities to what we wanted to see in the show. The panel who guest the clue was different from each outing. My favorite being Kevin, Amanda, Danny and Lori Beth.
  • I say this game show is better than GUTS.

    When it comes to game shows that I love like Get The Picture and some that I dislike like Nickelodeon GUTS,this one is the perfect one I love.This show has kids do their talent that some kids can't even do and celebs from shows guess what the kid can do and the people give them clues to a word that belongs for what the kid does.It has the thing that Nickelodeon GUTS doesn't have.It has prizes and advertisements before the credits.This is one of the game shows that I love and it should have new episodes of it on Nick.
  • Figure it Out premeered on Nickelodeon 10 years ago, and it's still popular today. Airing on Nick GAS, it keeps the pannelists and the viewers guessing.

    As far back as I can remember, Figure it Out has been a hit game show when it first aired on Nickelodeon 10 years ago. Already, I was guessing the contestants' secrets and laughing at those Secret Slime Actions.

    In this show, a group of four pannelists from other Nickelodeon shows try to figure out kids' secrets by asking yes-or-no questions. Sometimes on the show, you get to see surprising after-games like Name That Thingy or The Last Laugh. Can you figure out why I like watching this program? Neh, I might have stumped you already.

    Figure it Out is a big hit Nick game show, next to Double Dare 2000. In the emortal voice of Danny Tamberelli, "I DON'T KNOW!!!" of another Nickelodeon game show that outdoes this one.
  • I don't know why it ended.

    This was a truly awesome show. I used to watch Figure It Out all the time when I had the Dish Network, but I don't have the channel now, since I've switched to DirecTV.

    But I still remember it. I remember a few of the characters, or panelists. Danny was always my favorite. He would always be the one to do the Secret Slime Action. But I highly doubt you know what the Secret Slime Action is. Just in case you have no earthly idea what it is, here it is.

    After the first minute, or round is up, there is a certain action, that if a panelist performs, he or she gets slimed. Maybe touching your face was the Secret Slime Face one time. If one of the panelists touched their faces, a siren would go off and they would get slimed with the famous Nickelodeon green slime.

    The game show itself can be explained now. People with weird, strange, or interesting facts about themselves can compete on Figure It Out. It can be as short as three words to as long as eight words or more. Words like at, the, it, and more will already be pointed out as the other panelists have to guess the rest. Words in the puzzle that the panelists say will appear on the board. There are three, one-minute rounds. If the panelists haven't gotten the puzzle solved after then, they go to a bonus round and each panelist gets to solve the problem once. After the last panelist guesses, and still the problem hasn't been solved, the contestant wins.

    This is a great show and very unique. Just too bad it ended a while ago and I no longer have Nick GAS, the channel it shows on. My least favorite panelist is a girl named Mary Beth. Why? She is the smarter one and she guesses most of the puzzles and gets them, so it makes the round short and sweet, most of the time.

    Thats my opinion on this great, fabulous, show!
  • "Figure It Out" is an updated version of "I've Got A Secret" for kids. A group of panelists ask questions to a contestant or contestants to "Figure It Out".

    Figure It Out - I could say a million things about this show. Summer Sanders is hot, the show is one of the last good shows on Nickelodeon, what ever happened to Danny Tamborelli... and so on and so forth. I find Figure It Out very entertaining for a couple reasons: half the people on the show have stupid "talents" anybody can do, and I like the slime. Who DIDN'T want to be slimed as a kid? Figure It Out is one of a few shows left on Nick Gas, so enjoy it while it lasts. It's definitely a Nick classic.
  • a show where four panelists try to guess 2 kids random talents before the time is up!

    i love this show! i know its really old but i have been watching it lately on Nickelodeons Games and Sports network. its really funny because the panelists are from shows like all that and other classics and they are really spontaneous, and of course there is always slime which is my favorite part of the show. in each show there is a secret slime action that when performed by one of the panelists, gets slime dumped on them. its really funny to see their reactions to the slime and its fun to see all the kids that are put on the show. overall a really good show to watch if your bored.
  • it's a great show bring it back

    i like this show because it makes me laugh so hard especially when someone gets slimed with the secret slime
    i also love the people showing their talents or their pets talents. with clues from train,faling object and inside the box they try to guess the talnet of the the end the guest will show their talent to the audience and sometimes there will be an additional talent show these are videos that were sent by the viewers that wants to send or show their talents.this show is so great having a guest in this show is learning his or her talent
  • Stars on the panel had to figure out questions.

    I remember when i was little watching this show it was really good. Rushing home just to see it. They don't show it any more where i live at sadly. Had a lot of stars that i was a fan of like all that memebers and other people who became bigger stars in time. Like amanda bynes had her own show and all that, lori that was off of steve harvey, meagon who was off of cousin skeeter. The slime was the best part of the show is was too funny when soon to be huge stars get slime on.
  • Danny, Lori Beth, and Summer were the best

    Danny and Lori Beth, the king and queen of slime! And Summer is one of the best game show hosts Nickelodeon has ever had. It went downhill around the same time that Teen Nick took over. I liked all the "old" panelists better. Sometimes the secret slime actions were too improbable for my rationality, though, but they were usually fun to watch. As for contestants, the water-skiing squirrel was one of the better ones.
  • Four panelists try to figure out what weird or amazing thing kids can do...

    This show has been one of my favorites since before I could even read. I can remember asking my mom to tell me what the kid could do because I couldn't read it. I loved watching the panelists struggle because they couldn't decipher a clue. It was always fun to see someone get slimed too. I always liked seeing Danny get slimed because he always throws some at the audience. Lori Beth was my favorite panelist. She was really good - I even thought she cheated a couple times. I liked how we got to see the inventions or tricks the kids could do at the end of the show. Some of them were really stupid, but others were really fascinating.
  • Great show and I would like if they brought it back to TV.

    This show is classic because it was a game show and I miss it alot it was hosted by Summer Sanders and it aired in the week. I used to see it when I was young and I actually enjoyed it and it was a great experience seeing this show and many people should feel the same about it because this was no ordinary game show in several airings in the show people could do their things they do and play various games throughout the show and I consider this show one of the best game shows I have ever seen because of it's originality in all it's ways of being a show that was actually loved by millions all across some countries in the world. For being such a great show I personally give it a 9.1 superb rating for my review.
  • Awesome game show!

    Figure It Out is one of the best shows ever! Summer Sanders does a great job as host. Jay is a great narrator. My four favorite panelists are: Lori Beth Denburg, Amanda Bynes, Danny Tamberelli, and Christy Knowings. The slime was funny. Amanda Bynes was so young! Some of the kids` talents were really cool and other were kinda dumb. My favorite contestants were the family who carved the maze in their cornfield. That was amazing. I think the king of slime is Danny Tamberelli and the queen of slime is Lori Beth Denburg. I also think Lori gets the puzzle right the most.
  • please, we need you summer sanders, come back with figure it out remixed

    What in the heck did Nickelodeon do. How can they take great shows off the air like Figure it out, Rocko's Modern Life, Guts, The Secret World of Alex Mack, and many other great shows. Nowadays all Nick shows are stupid shows like Taina, Catdog, As Told by Ginger, and many other stinkers. I think the only good shows they have now are Rocket Power and Hey Arnold. So if any representative of Nick reads this please bring back the Nickelodean from 5-7 years ago, I really enjoyed it and I'm sure everybody else did too. As for now the Disney channel is entertaning.
  • This show was so entertaining and fun!

    I loved this show! You get to see these kids do all this of the wall stuff and just make you feel amazed! I loved to see all the wacky stuff that they did and it was great! I loved to see the panelists with the blindfolds and if they did a specific thing they get slimed! Loved that! Darn this show was the best thing to watch after a cruddy day of school. Bring It Back! I want to see the show again!
  • One of my favorite game shows as a child.

    Figure It Out was awesome. I watched when the show originally aired and fell in love with it at the start. It didnt hurt that my fav castmates from All That were on there: Kenan,Kel, Danny, Lori Beth, and to a lesser extent Amanda. But that was just the half of it. Kids got to showcase their particular talents, some a lot more amazing than others, in front of panelists and people who are amazed themselves at how the kids do it. All the slime was amazing and funny too. I always wanted Summer to get slimed though. This show brings great memories back to me.
  • Good at the start bad at the end.

    This just speeded down hill like a bus. First, off the slime action was good, but then it became something the panelists could not help doing. Like blinking or they claimed that panelists were thinking about someone. Figure It Out is just a lame kids gameshow, leave gameshows to the adults.
  • A How where kids will get rewards if they are able to keep there talent a secret from a panel of celebrties from other shows.

    Figure it Out starrin Summer Sanders is about kids going in with a crazy and unusual talent and a group of people from diffrent shows will try to guess it with the help of the clues and "Charade Bergade". Able to for every one minute round that they stump they win a prize, if able to stump them through 3 rounds they will win the Grand Prize of a vacation somewere. And at the very end they would perform the talent and make people gape in awstruck.
  • In a few seconds, these celebrity panelists will try to uncover some highly unusual secrets......

    Figure It Out was a game show on Nickelodeon that was successful in its run, which might seem long, but was for two years. The concept of the show was that four panelists who were usually
    - from Nick shows
    - from outside the network
    - sports figures
    - one panelist from the contestant\'s family

    that tried to figure out the contestant\'s secret by asking yes or no questions and they tried to fill \"Billy the Answer Head\". Usually during round 2 there would be the \"Secret Slime Action\" and from that round on if a panelist preformed it, he/she would get slimed from above. If the contestant \"stumped\" the panel through all three rounds, he/she would get the grand prize.
    Also, Summer Sanders was really beautiful as the host. If you don\'t believe me then sit on it! (TV reference)
  • bring this show back it was awesome

    this show was were kids go on a show and the panalists have to guess what the contestents do and if the panilists dont figure it out the winner gets a grand prize to somehing relly great and they do there thing at the end so the world can see what there speacil skill was