Figure It Out

Weekdays 6:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jul 07, 1997 In Season


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  • Great show and I would like if they brought it back to TV.

    This show is classic because it was a game show and I miss it alot it was hosted by Summer Sanders and it aired in the week. I used to see it when I was young and I actually enjoyed it and it was a great experience seeing this show and many people should feel the same about it because this was no ordinary game show in several airings in the show people could do their things they do and play various games throughout the show and I consider this show one of the best game shows I have ever seen because of it's originality in all it's ways of being a show that was actually loved by millions all across some countries in the world. For being such a great show I personally give it a 9.1 superb rating for my review.