Figure It Out

Weekdays 6:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jul 07, 1997 In Season


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  • I don't know why it ended.

    This was a truly awesome show. I used to watch Figure It Out all the time when I had the Dish Network, but I don't have the channel now, since I've switched to DirecTV.

    But I still remember it. I remember a few of the characters, or panelists. Danny was always my favorite. He would always be the one to do the Secret Slime Action. But I highly doubt you know what the Secret Slime Action is. Just in case you have no earthly idea what it is, here it is.

    After the first minute, or round is up, there is a certain action, that if a panelist performs, he or she gets slimed. Maybe touching your face was the Secret Slime Face one time. If one of the panelists touched their faces, a siren would go off and they would get slimed with the famous Nickelodeon green slime.

    The game show itself can be explained now. People with weird, strange, or interesting facts about themselves can compete on Figure It Out. It can be as short as three words to as long as eight words or more. Words like at, the, it, and more will already be pointed out as the other panelists have to guess the rest. Words in the puzzle that the panelists say will appear on the board. There are three, one-minute rounds. If the panelists haven't gotten the puzzle solved after then, they go to a bonus round and each panelist gets to solve the problem once. After the last panelist guesses, and still the problem hasn't been solved, the contestant wins.

    This is a great show and very unique. Just too bad it ended a while ago and I no longer have Nick GAS, the channel it shows on. My least favorite panelist is a girl named Mary Beth. Why? She is the smarter one and she guesses most of the puzzles and gets them, so it makes the round short and sweet, most of the time.

    Thats my opinion on this great, fabulous, show!