Figure It Out

Weekdays 6:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jul 07, 1997 In Season


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  • In a few seconds, these celebrity panelists will try to uncover some highly unusual secrets......

    Figure It Out was a game show on Nickelodeon that was successful in its run, which might seem long, but was for two years. The concept of the show was that four panelists who were usually
    - from Nick shows
    - from outside the network
    - sports figures
    - one panelist from the contestant\'s family

    that tried to figure out the contestant\'s secret by asking yes or no questions and they tried to fill \"Billy the Answer Head\". Usually during round 2 there would be the \"Secret Slime Action\" and from that round on if a panelist preformed it, he/she would get slimed from above. If the contestant \"stumped\" the panel through all three rounds, he/she would get the grand prize.
    Also, Summer Sanders was really beautiful as the host. If you don\'t believe me then sit on it! (TV reference)