Season 2 Episode 12

A Dark Score Evened

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 16, 2004 on ABC

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  • Outstanding Socially Aware Episode.

    This one is special, because it's the only one that has a social message, making it stand out, but what a well-done and interesting episode it is. Not counting being home schooled throughout my middle school years apparently, I was lucky not to experience being bullied when I was in elementary and high school. But if I had been, I'd know what to do: Get help by telling an adult, either my parents or someone part of the school staff. I finally saw it for the first time on Youtube back in January and loved it., I enjoyed it. A girl named Rochelle turns bad after being bullied herself and she gains the power on which she thrives. And four other kids named Wilbur, Grover, Becca and Stella are on the receiving end of that bullying. For anyone who's ever been the victim of this, I strongly advise to watch it. It's another medium that gives further insight as to the psychology behind it.
  • This episode brought a very raveling thought to my mind how bullying goes on in all schools and varies from all ages

    This episode of fillmore is the best episode ive seen because it talks about reality and how bullying goes on in schools and how it doesn't get reported which i think it should and all teachers should be very supportive. Your Teachers should be supportive and fillmore reflects reality in all schools