Season 2 Episode 13

Field Trip of the Just

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 23, 2004 on ABC

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  • An interesting change of scenery. For once, we get to see how Fillmore and Ingrid work outside the office.

    I partictularly like this episode because it is placed in a scene other than X middle school. we get to see how Ingrid and Fillmore handle the situation with a mixed company-- as in children AND adults-- like they will be doing when they grow up to be officers in the real world. It's slightly unrealistic that they'd let children play a role when something that important was at stake, but the Fillmore disney show is all about unrealistic. Another thing I like about this is the number of suspects and how we weren't led through the case step by step through the 'unmasking of the culprit'. we didn't find out until the very end who Fillmore thought was the criminal, even though they were making it seem as though Eric was the only one who could've done it. (I was mildly surprised that he didn't think Eric did it... so I myself was surprized at the outcome.)

    Officer Langly Turk was another plus in the episode, another item to remind Fillmore of "The old days". He's a professional officer who doesn't exactly seem to be very good at his job... at all. But he's a good obstacle put in the way of Fillmore's job of chasing down Eric, so he did serve some other purpose than being the comedic act. all in all it was a very good show, even though it was the last one made for this series. It reveals the core truth of humans' emotions and reasons behind an action, and captures the true flavor of the Fillmore Disney show.