Season 2 Episode 13

Field Trip of the Just

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 23, 2004 on ABC



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    • Guildenstern

      The name of the sick tarantula was one half of the silly messengers who served as the comic relief in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Their imagined adventures inspired a modern-day satire Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead.

    • Tehama/Fillmore: "An all-day off-campus platinum pass? Wow, with this in hand, you're pretty much untouchable. It's like an immunity idol." "That's what Raycliff said."
      A reference to Survivor, the show that Jeff Probst (Raycliff) hosts on CBS.

    • New Jersey: Yo, South Carolina, what's the rush? You secedin' from the Union or somethin'?
      South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union in 1860, setting events into motion that would result in the Civil War.

    • Texas: Hey! Nobody messes with Texas!
      Old Texan saying "Don't mess with Texas", used by Stevie Ray Vaughan and more recently for the state's anti-litter campaign.

    • Delivery Truck: Bolger's Scarecrow Delivery
      Named after Ray Bolger, the actor who played the Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz".

    • Fillmore: "Dog!" "It's not a dog! It's a seeing eye horse!"
      Seeing Eye Horses actually exist! Check out the link for more info.

    • Tarantulas: Guildenstern & Gwyneth
      Two Shakespeare references: Guildenstern was a courtier in the Court of Denmark in "Hamlet," and Gwyneth Paltrow starred in "Shakespeare in Love."