Season 1 Episode 5

Red Robins Don't Fly

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 12, 2002 on ABC

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  • Ingrid goes under cover as a red robin to prove that they are no good and maybe she likes it a little too much!!!

    This is my favorite episode!!! i could watch it over and over agian and never get bored. i especially like the little plot twist about Malika being vallejo's old partner it was entertaining. i'm not quite sure why i like this episode so much.....maybe its the great plot line or the fact that this episode focuses more on my fave charater Ingrid Third!!! i love to see her go undercover cause it works foe her lol....i really enjoy vallejos worry for his crew and its pretty great. "too new" that is a lame excuse for anything so it was nice to see ingrid over come it. especially at the end when shes like oh i have other plans and turns that girl down!!!
  • Lives up to the hype

    In my past wanderings all over cyberspace many of the Fillmore fans I have meet have classified this as one of their favourite episodes. After watching it I can see why.

    It's got a nice mix of angst, drama, and humour. I like the back story about Malika and how everything is linked (the AV club being where the vault is - sorry for ruining that for anyone). I also like how it showed the choices kids who are considered "different" have to face. And the fact that Fillmore has such faith in Ingrid is moving.

    I think the fact that the Safety Patrol get together to do stuff (other than catching bad guys) after school, is, well, cute. So, I really like this episode. I think it's great, well-written and pretty funny too.