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    I can't believe what I'd been missing this whole time for as long as I had. I passed up on watching this series when it originally aired as part of ABC's One Saturday Morning block, but after catching up on seeing some of the episodes on Youtube years later, I now wish that I had gotten into it sooner and regret not doing so. And even though I still had other episodes that I hadn't seen or have yet to see (I'm caught up on all of them now), I also still wish that it ran longer than it did, as it deserved to do so. I feel that so much more could've been done with it. Sorry, but dern Disney or ABC for dropped it too soon. Not yet, dern it and dern y'all. I would've liked to have seen and known if there were some, certain characters that would've been featured in more than one prominent role, such as the return of Brad Parnassus from "Ingrid Third, Public Enemy #1. Because it since became one of my favorite cartoons/programs and I find this to be one of the better/best shows to spring forth from Walt Disney Television Animation in not only the last decade, but of all time. I have to disagree with the reviewer who mentioned that it was better that the show ended at the point it did before it got too stale. I don't think the cases would've gotten too stale had they continued nor do I see how so, each is individual in its own right. There's nothing the same about any of them. So whatever with that horse-feathers and get off of that. To heck with that. It was one of those things that had such grand potential, possibilities and had a lot more cases left in it. As the final series produced by the studio/company independently before hooking up with the Disney channel, I'd say that this was the one to go out on with a bang and I'm glad they did. And with the 10th anniversary of its premiere approaching next year, I say it's high time and overdue for DVD releases of both seasons. I almost hate to say it, but I'm afraid that this just may have been the last (or one of the last) truly great, WDTA series. Ever since most, if not all, of the shows that followed it and originated on the Disney Channel, it's been downhill with Disney ever since. Based on lower rated reviews of some other Disney cartoons I read, I've yet to be impressed with a Disney animated series that's on the same level and of the same value as this one. The biggest one still going strong currently is Phineas and Ferb, but it still has it's flaws, more so than this. I really think if this had aired as part of a weekday afternoon block instead of on Saturdays, there would've been an almost sure-fire guarantee that more episodes would've been ordered. In fact, there would've been more episodes in the first season, rather than 13 episodes in each of the two. It would've been great and I would've loved to see this continue airing as part of the Disney Afternoon block, but unfortunately, it was already defunct over three years prior to Fillmore!'s premiere. Either that or a similar weekday afternoon block would've had to be made. Who knows, the majority of episodes could've aired on there and some others could've aired on ABC, like what Disney did with Darkwing Duck. Imagine that. If only, oh, what more there could've been. This is Disney's third crime/mystery/suspense cartoon after Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers and Bonkers, and I wish it had ran for as long as those two. Sorry for rambling on and on about how this show got the shaft prematurely, but I just had to get it off my chest and vent. But then again, it could've been worse, by being a one-off thing, like what happened to Fluppy Dogs. 26 is a decent number of episodes, but more would've been much better. Although, of course, I'm grateful Disney didn't jack us fans over by doing much worse of Fillmore! getting much less episodes, meaning a shorter run. We rather it wasn't done that way and wouldn't want that. Anyway, onto the review at last.

    What I really love about Fillmore! is the basis of its originality, intrigue and difference that separates it from others of the same formats/genres: It being a detective show set in a junior high school. Starring its titular character (full name Cornelius Fillmore), a street-wise black American student and his partner-in-crime solving Ingrid Third, a goth girl with a keen sense of photographic memory, they're two safety patrol officers who act as investigators and attend X Middle School. And they're not your typical safety patrol officers. Both previously came from troubled backgrounds, but they'd change their ways and decided to go straight after eventually getting caught with the crime-committing, and now having chosen instead to join the safety patrol. It makes for a great back-story of how they met (as in the episode "Ingrid Third, Public Enemy #1", in which Ingrid had transferred to X) and I like how that all came together in the end. Other members of the safety patrol team include Mexican American commissioner Horatio Vallejo, Italian and Japanese American forensics specialists Joseph Anza and Karen Tehama, and Irish American crime scene photographer Danny O'Farrell. The junior high principal Dawn S. Folsom acts as the mayor and vice principal Raycliff is her right-hand man. The whole thing is a kid-friendly take on various crime-fighting series like Shaft, Dragnet, Magnum . and the . franchise, serving as a parody of sorts. Speaking of which, another reviewer took the way some, certain things occurred and mentioned too seriously. They may not have been allowed to happen for real (and though I agree somewhat they shouldn't), but then again, who cares? It's just a satire. A third reviewer who reviewed this because the cartoon ran too often for him or her in his or her area, that's sort of a wasted review. All that reviewer had to do was simply take a break if he or she is/was tired of it, no need to bring that up here.

    Another thing I like about this show is its mixture of action, comedy and drama, which are what else it has. I think it's one of the wittiest and most intelligently well-done shows that one will ever come across. It has it all: Great characters, superb stories, witty writing, all-star voice casting and more. It is what I'd consider to be a perfect Disney production. And despite what the few nay-sayers here already typed about it, to anyone reading my thoughts on it, don't listen to them. I implore y'all not to sleep on it like I did. This is amongst the best of the best that beats a majority of the rest, especially in over the past decade. I wish there were more cases, as the series has left and made me want more since.
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