Season 1 Episode 1

To Mar a Stall

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 14, 2002 on ABC

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  • A nice series starter

    The episode begins by a girl called Robin Spencer cutting a ribbon to declare the opening of the new bathroom. When they go inside they see that the whole bathroom is tagged with the word STAINLESS. Fillmore and Ingrid have a vandal on their hands. They decide to visit "the tagger". They visit a high security detention centre where Randall Julian (AKA master tagger FLAVA SAVA) for some assistance on catching STAINLESS. Randall Julian later makes a break for it after Fillmore drops his pencil in the doorway but Fillmore finds him and convinces him to give up his vandalism days.

    Culprit: Robin Spencer

    Motive: She wanted stainless steel toilet stalls which she said was graffiti-proof so she vandalised the new stalls to try and prove her point.

    Clue 1: Randall says that the tagger writes, right to left to avoid smudging the tag so STAINLESS is left handed

    Clue 2: Tehama says that the marker sprung a leak so STAINLESS is walking around with a marker stain somewhere on their arm or wrist.

    Clue 3: Randall leaves an old copy of the school paper in his detention cell and Fillmore finds that Robin is cutting the ribbon with her left hand and is wearing a glove.