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G4 (ended 2006)



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  • This show was so good when Diane was on it.

    There was no reason to ditch her. Then they put on this girl with too much makeup talking about the top ten parties to go to ON A GAMING CHANNEL. However, when Diane Mizota was the host, the show was very informative, entertaining, and relevant to the network. Now if only They brought it back. This and cheat need their own half-hour timeslot back. So many new topics they can cover G4 really needs to get back to it's roots. Nobody watched the channel for the weak programming they offer. All in all, this review was meant to praise the original Filter.
  • G4 is making the video game channel into a Vh1 or Mtv channel. Come on now this ain't funny.

    When I heard Filter was coming back I jumped a million ft. in the air. When i watched it my heart went down like a meteor. If G4 is gonna be about video games, then I want video, not a cheap VH1 channel. I mean come on. They even raplaced Diane Mizota (and she was kinda cute to me too). I used to watch G4 a lot but now its like a good relationship ruined because of its so called friends (yes I am talking to you VH1) and family.So now I guess there is nothing else to do but lay rest to this once glorius channel We will never forget
    Filter, Judgement Day, Icons, Robot Rage, The other 100 good shows
  • This show was better with Diane Mizota.

    Why did they had to get rid of her? To me, Diane Mizota was the reason why I watched Filter. She's much more beautiful than the new host. And now, they talk about stupid topics that you can get by watching VH1. I don't really care who's the number one hottest women unless it was Diane Mizota. I want hear about games. Diane Mizota please come back....
  • G4 has changed Filter and added a new host.The show is boring and uninteresting and the countdowns are irrelevant now. If you want a real countdown on stars watch Vh1.

    G4 has changed Filter and added a new host. Unfortunatly the show no longer covers video games. It does many irrelevant countdowns that have nothing to do with video games. Ex. the top 100 hottest women who you will never have. It sounds like something you would watch on VH1. But unlike VH1 its not a cheap run through thats shorten in a 30 minute episode. Like I said before Filter is a completely different show and has nothing to do with video games. Its really a shame to see a show that had such potential in a genre spit in their community's face and turn to another genre. An upside to the show is that its been shown an upgrade in quality of presentation of their program due to G4 growing in finances as a networkand the host is candy to the eye. The show is boring and uninteresting and the countdowns are irrelevant now. If you want a real countdown on stars watch Vh1.
  • Each week, Diane Mizota counts down a top 10 list of various topics relating to games, gear, and gadgets. The topics are voted on by viewers using the Filterator. In each episode, John Walsh also contributes his "Net to Know" or "Tales from the Dorkside

    Filter is a great show with great hosts, Diane and John. Diane really lights up the show with her personality and John gives it a twist with his off-beat humor and obscure pop-culture references. Even though I have only played about 1% of the games that make the lists, I still enjoy the show immensly. There is a sense of humor in every part of the show from John's interviews to the written lines for Diane. I love her catchphrase, "Who writes this ****?" Diane and John seem to really like their jobs, and it adds to the quality of the show. Frequently, there are also some "Tech Toss-Up" segments hosted by Hahn Choi who will compare two or more similar products, and tell you which one is worth your money. These segments are also very informative and ususally feature ways how you can take Filter with you on the road or the best ways to enjoy Filter with a new TV screen or monitor. I'm sad that G4 has decided to cancel Filter without much warning. It had a great crew working behind the scenes to keep the quality high. Diane and John will be missed, but I'm sure they will be fine. Any executive who has seen Filter will know how talented and funny they are.
  • The top ten of everything!

    The Filter is my second favorite show on G4. Second only to X-Play. Filter shows the a list of top ten's for video games, technology, and Movies. Every episode have a theme to it. Like Top Ten Overrated games, or top ten E3 showings.

    It doesn't stop there. The show also gives out new websites for the viewers to visit. It also gives us a look into the new technology.

    The main reason I like this show is because it's not based on the hosts opinions. The list are determined based on how the viewers vote. That makes for a fantastic show.
  • Filter brings you a top ten of something related to video games and in between show off websites, tech stuff, etc.

    Filter brings you a top ten of something related to video games and in between show off cool websites, tech stuff, etc. If you like seeing the tech stuff and the top ten you'll love this show. If you don't like the tech stuff, like me, this show will be pretty good.
  • Filter is one of G4's original shows hosted by the hot and funny Diane Mizota....

    Filter is one of G4's original shows hosted by the hot and funny Diane Mizota (Fook Yu or Fook Mi from Austin Powers in Goldmember). What I mean by original is TechTV. Ever since G4 and TechTV have merged the channel has lost its potential. Filter is still on, but not as much. But anyway back to Filter. A lot of the countdowns are quite interesting, one was "the worst games ever". And another was "most controversial games ever". The Grand Theft Auto series won that one. How is it funny? Mainly Diane Mizota cracking jokes and comments. To sum it up, Filter is a top 10 video game count down show on G4techTV (ch.219) with a different topic for the countdown each episode. The host is hot and hilarious. I love the original G4, not the TechTV part of it now. I give Filter a 10/10
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