Filthy, Rich and Catflap

Season 1 Episode 3

Dinner Party

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 1987 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Dinner Party
Ritchie has invited some of his showbiz pals to dinner. Getting the food ready proves a problem, which eventually makes him a fugitive from the law. Luckily, Ralph Filthy come to the rescue.

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      • Eddie: Richie, it's your choice. I can either stuff the meat into the oven, you into the oven or the oven into you. Which is to be?

      • Richie: Well done Eddie. I'm sorry I doubted you. Your plan worked brilliantly.
        Eddie: Yes. Shame about old Spurty getting shot by the Gestapo.
        Richie: No, the SPG, Eddie, the SPG. Not the Gestapo. They're completely different things. The Gestapo, er, speak German.

      • Richie: Me, never get any girlfriends? Ha, that's rich, it's you who never get any girlfriends.
        Eddie: I was out with a girl last Wednesday.
        Richie: Eddie, that was your mother.
        Eddie: I still got a snog.
        Richie: Snog?

      • Richie: Well, well, well, wonders will never cease. Eddie Catflap's been thinking. Put out some bunting. Organise a street party. Let off some fireworks. Telephone the Queen. Give everyone a week's holiday. The man with no brain's been thinking. Everybody go to the lavatory in amazement.

      • Richie: How does it feel to know that you're a checkout girl and you've reached the peak of your potential?
        Cashier: How does it feel to know that you're a talentless git and you never even had any potential?

      • Richie: Oh careful, Eddie, you'll get grabbed by the dick.
        Richie & Eddie: Oo-er!
        Richie: We really mean get arrested by the store detective viewers. It was just a pun we were doing.

      • Richie: We could always be like the Romans and throw up between courses.

        Eddie: I don't see why the Romans should get all the credit for that idea, you know. I've been doing that for years.

      • Richie: I thank you to keep your embittered, communistic treason to yourself during tonight's intercourse with Tarby and friends.

        Eddie: I'm not having any intercourse with Tarby and that's final!

        Richie: Well, what a surprise. Four minutes into the episode and Eddie Catflap delivers the most torturous double entendre in history.

      • Richie: The great public claims another weary show business victim. Oscar Wilde, playwright, arrested for his belief. Lenny Bruce, comedian, arrested for his belief. Richie Rich, celebrity, arrested ...

        Eddie: For going nicking down the local shop.

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    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Richie: That Mr Forsyth certainly had some stamina.

        This is a reference to Bruce Forsyth who played a supermarket manager in the ITV show Slingers Day.

      • Richie: Lessie Crowther, Eddie. He's just another one of the great guys that make up my fantastic show business gang that I belong to and you don't.

        Leslie Crowther (1933-1996) was an English comedian, actor and game show host.

      • Eddie: This fruit is bruised. I shall write Esther Rantzen.

        Esther Rantzen was the presenter of the BBC consumer rights programme 'That's Life', which ran from 1973 to 1994.

      • Eddie: Shame about old Purty getting shot by the Gestapo.
        Richie: No, the SPG, Eddie, the SPG, not the Gestapo. They're completely different things. The Gestapo speak German.

        The SPG was the Special Patrol Group, part of the London Police Force fighting public disorder.