Filthy Rich Cattle Drive

E! (ended 2005)


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Filthy Rich Cattle Drive

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Filthy Rich Cattle Drive, a new "City Slickers" inspired reality series proves celebrity offspring really do have it all. Not only do they have famous last names, but they also have their own businesses, degrees from top schools, and most of all their own identities. Filthy Rich Cattle Drive gives famous children the opportunity to not only let the world know more about them as well as let the world that they are not just pretty faces with famous family members. Filthy Rich Cattle Drive is a new reality series with a combination of action, drama, and comedy, that will for the first time profile a dynamic group of celebrity kids as they embark on possibly the most challenging and unique experience of their lives, minus all of their creature comforts. Filthy Rich Cattle Drive will show what celebrity kids are really made of by sending them out on a 100 mile cattle drive on a historic Montana cattle ranch. These celebrity slickers will do all of the things that ranchers do under the watchful eye of a well known Cattle Boss. They will truly need brains, braun, and a sense of humor to be a 'survivor' amidst Amazing Race type challenges. See what happens as the participants brave the rugged West, bad weather, moody cattle and sometimes each other in this wild cattle ride experience. Fancy cars, million dollar homes, and designer outfits will be traded in for horses, a ranch, and a pair of cowboy boots. Giddy up.