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  • Poor Little rich kids..


    I have never seen so many spoiled rich kids in one place in my whole life.

    I did give the first eppy the benifite of the doubt. But when they sat around the table and talked about their allowances and the Yahoo daughter said "I chose not to work" it went down hill from there for me.

    Not to pick on the Yahoo daughter, Courtney, But when she had to call 'daddy' cause she felt like her life was in danger and her life flashed before her eyes. I was really thinking, then go home. Stop complaining and get in your BMW or what ever your daddy bought you and go home.

    It has alway amazed me to no end how anyone can get on a reality show and be there for five minutes and start to complain about having to this thing or that thing. Go home and let someone else that would really want to be there be there.
  • A compelling real life drama, emotions run high, and the youngest member sums it all up in the first 5 minutes! Mr nasty never gets what's due however.

    I happened upon the programme in the early hours, but it grew on me steadily, although there were moments when I thought the conversation about clothes from the girls was tedious. Did they not get the idea that this was about having a go at something they would probably never experience again, not a fashion parade? I thought the undoubted star of the show was Alexander. At just 20 he was the youngest, and not even old enough to buy a drink under US law. He summed the whole thing up on the plane after about 5 minutes with "so far they seem to be conforming to stereotypes, and the conversation seems superficial and materialistic". A shame that he was the only one to stand up to Fabian, but nobody supported him when he did. Were they scared of "Fabe the babe"? I suppose in some ways Alexander, who was always the perfect gentleman and never complained, and George, who also got on with the job, did not make such good TV as Alex the philanderer with a wife back home, and the ever complaining Fabian and the girls. Some of Fabian's supposedly reasonable notions were jaw-droppingly outrageous and you had to laugh at them. Emotions running high can be quite gripping in reality TV and the scenes where the bosses are taunted and insulted made the blood boil and their self control was remarkable. All in all a compelling real life drama!
  • Okay particular person ruins the show for me because of his attitude. Im sure everyone can guess who!?

    Fabian is the most annoying reality star...term used VERY loosely here... that I have ever seen and Ive watched a lot of reality tv! His attitude towards the staff and the other rich kids is appalling. Wether you have money or not, the way he treats people is dreadful and unacceptable. Threatening to sue, calling the cops at the drop of a hat, claiming diplomatic immunity for wrongdoing, disrespecting everyone, the list goes on and on. His family must be so ashamed that he is representing them on national televison! I know I would be. He makes a complete fool of himself every episode. The rest of the kids are ok and the ranch workers/owners seem like decent people. Overall..not the best that reality tv has to offer and I dont think I could handle wasting another hour of my time watching this.
  • Not a very good program. Poorly thought out as too what is required of the "kids", and what is to be achieved by what methods.

    A very poorly thought out program by the organisers. The "kids" should have all been made to give up their spoiled kids stuff. They should have all been given exactly the same clothing, - shirts, hats, shoes, jackets, jeans so they are all on an equal footing to start. Each team might have different color shirts to give them a sense of unity in that team. If a member of a team does not work as expected, or required, the whole team should be made to some inconvienience. That causes the whole team to force the offender into line by peer pressure. Food is, or should be a reward for good work. Poor work should cause a poorer quality of food such as hot dogs, as against steaks for supper. All cooking, and cleaning, should be done by the "kids" under guidance. If the food is poorly prepared it's up to them to make the require improvements, which is another peer pressure method to get them working together.
  • Great! I loved it!

    I loved Filthy Rich Cattle Drive because they had cute guys there and it was all about getting down and dirty for some rich snobby kids who still lives off their parent's wealth. I would say that this show definitely needs to come back cuz it was so good! They were showering in small tiny stalls and eating cowboy food. There also was so much relationships going on during the show so that was interesting also. Cattle Drive is really awesome.
  • I only watched it one time and kept thinking that these Adult kids really needed a good swift kick anywhere. What is up with that!!!!!!. What did they think would happen, ummmm lets see can I take my butler and my maid? The people on this show were very

    I only watched this one time and will not watch again or tell anyone else to watch it. If I said anything about the show it would be a warning not too. I think that some real cowboys ought to go out and kick some butt. (However this would not happen most cowboys have manners and most have more respect than those adults on this show. All I see in this show is alot of whining and a lot of disrespect.
  • I went into the first ep cringing and peeking between my fingers, and came out the finale screaming YEE-HAW!

    What a cast! Half rich spoiled brats, half people who were nothing more than kids of washed-up has-beens, the dynamic was awesome.

    There was romance (well, a guy who tried to hook up with every woman he met), fighting, pranksters, insulting, and the wonderful hate between Fabian Basabe and the Iacovettos. You even had the police showing up! Drama was not at a loss in any episode.

    Although I'll never admit it to anyone but you, this was my own personal guilty pleasure of 2005!
  • Lovely!

    This is a great show.. I think it is real funny to see all the rich kids complain about not having a hair dryer. Fabian Basabe is the worst of them all with his sneaking into town acts and trying to get someone to carry around his clothes.. He shows that people with a lot of money are plain better then anyone else..

    You should watch this show
  • A bunch of rich kids are sent to a ranch to do all things a rancher would regularly do. So, as expected, none of them are good at it or just don't want to do it. Thus, society's opinion about rich spoiled kids that have been pampered.

    This show is all right. I'm not the biggest fan of reality TV but this is different. They're taking a bunch of rich people and put them on a ranch. I mean, it's funny to even think about it. We finally get to see them do some hard work for once and see them fail miserably at it. Especially Fabien. I hate that guy.
  • the show was very interesting, to a point.

    i never new so many influential people had useless kids. george forman sr. must be real proud to know his son is lazy as a rock. plus, lou ferigno, a man i have personaly admired for years, his daughter is a real piece of work. i only have one question, why didn\'t someone kick the !@#$ out of fabien b.? i would have knocked him on his diplomatic butt then took his cell and shoved it up his !@#. of course thats just my opinion.
  • Welcome to reality. I have worked cattle since I was old enough to sit on a horse,(Age 5). It was nothing to load the horses and go round up cattle on the weekends so that the cattle could be vaccinated, tagged, cut, and whatever else needed to be done.

    Overall, good show. For those semi-acting adults(Rich Kids)who participated, welcome to work. Obviously of few of them, (John, Alex and George) took something from this experience that will be beneficial to them. As for the others, I am not sure there is any help... I am not saying I could survive in "their world," but I am happy growing up dirt poor and learning the value of life, love, and help. I am from rural Oklahoma and here, you do take the shirt off of your back if the neighbor needs it. You for sure don't gripe because your $500 shoes don't match your riding attire.

    Working cattle does not require an ensemble. It most certainly does not require hairdryers, makeup, etc....

    I do not believe that charity for those children were their focus. Attention on themselves, that it was it was about.

    Just for closing, I probably would have punched Fabian. But, that is exactly what he wanted, ATTENTION. Save the effort...
  • It was a great idea, but shows that some RICH Children, have not a clue. Sad to see them bitching about everything when it was for charity! Growing up in Ireland picking stones in our fields so it would not break machinery and moved cattle walking not on

    I did really enjoy it but again what a shame bitching every step of the way! I sure hope after watching the last one they all understand that there are a lot of people in great need all around us and we really need to stop and think of that.
  • My husband and I really enjoyed Filthy Rich Cattle Drive. It was the freshest reality show that we have seen in years. We are big fans of Joshua. I hope to see more programs like this one. Stephanie

    My husband and I really enjoyed \"Cattle Drive\". It was the best reality show since \"simple life\". It has become a Sunday night mini-tradition in my household. I hope to see another season. We became fans of several of the cast members and the cattle crew. I think that this kind of show really attracts Country folk rather then city people. Great job Etv!
  • This show really shows the attitudes and selfishness that one can develop from being catered to completely from the time they are born. Fabian is a prime example, probably the rudest words I've ever heard.

    If I were placed on that cattle drive, I would probably already be in jail for assalt to Fabian's candy A**. The only reason he is so quick to insult everyone who speaks their mind to him, is that he has been allowed to say whatever he likes about whoever he wants, obviously without any recourse at all. When someone is sheltered and pampered all of their lives, it doesn't matter who they hurt, because mommy and daddy are going to let them get away with it anyway.
    What that pompous little jerk needs is a real good butt kicking.
  • Fabian needs to have the living daylights knocked out of him by Joshua & Jared & Alexander. Haley has NO self respect. Alex & Alexander have the most decency & the others need 02 masks b/c I\'m sure it\'s hard to breathe up Fabian\'s _ _ _ !!

    Let\'s face it, if Fabian and Haley didn\'t have filthy rich parents who obviously did a crappy job of raising their offspring, nobody would know they existed on the face of this earth! Joshua and Jared are HOT & have good hearts. The owner has more sense in his little fingernail than Fabian has in his whole body. I\'d pay good money to see Joshua, Jared and Alexander beat the crap out of Fabian until he couldn\'t speak one more ugly, mean, son-of-satan, devilish, rotten infested word. The boy needs an _ _ _ whooping and Joshua is the man to do it! Jared, I\'d have thrown horse manure on the boy just to shut up his \"Sue Happy\" mouth. Actually, just put the cry baby in a coral with the horses and let them artificially inseminate him for a few days. No, the poor woos would enjoy it too much. As for the other \"followers\" of Miss Sue Happy, isn\'t it hard to breathe when you\'re stuck so far up someone\'s _ _ _????
    My advice is for mommy & daddy to stop the cash flowing like a leaking faucet and make your beasts go to college by paying their way through school and getting real jobs. Who CARES what you\'re wearing or being seen with????? You spoiled kids are not even a part of the real world. Fabian, YOU are the NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show would be considered a success if some one actually learned a lesson about materialism from it.
  • Horrible taste and an insult to the intelligence of the American people

    Personally another reality show is something we certainly don\'t need. They all show only the things that sells and will drive their ratings out the roof. I don\'t see much on the tube anymore that is worth watching and this whole trend of shoving the rich and famous down our throat is mind blowing. I know that if my children were to show so much disregard for others especially how the common working person is so far below them I would definately be correcting that with an attitude adjustment. Now if there was some major crisis likened unto the stock market crash those little platunuim spooned babies would not have a clue how to manage but I would be confident that my children would thrive and be very successful.
    So with all that said get something of substance on TV not this repeatative garbage.
  • A good look at celebrity failure in child rearing, showing that all money and no real life makes you one useless piece of humanity.

    Proof positive that these spoiled, rich, narcisstic brats serve no useful purpose on this planet. They are lazy, backbiting, rude, totally self absorbed and about as worthless to the rest of humanity as belief in aliens. What parent could face the public again after watching these pathetic, self righteous losers treat real men like dirt and proving over and over that their parents were too busy having a good time to raise decent, hardworking and compassionate children. These physically adult children are an embarssassment to their parents and our country. If this and The Simple Life are true examples of the offspring of the rich and priviledged, then perhaps forced sterilzation of the rich and incompetent isn\'t such a bad idea. The saddest part is that they think they\'re too good to do the job, but if it wasn\'t for the people they treat like dirt, they wouldn\'t be able to survive. It\'s my bet that 95% couldn\'t survive 2 weeks without credit cards or in a real job. Watch this only if you need reassurance that you are a good parent raising decent children because even at their worst, your kids can\'t possibly be as embarassing and useless as these brats are.
  • i have never seen anyone as useless as most of this cast, especially Fabian..spoiled brat, what a waste their parents know what they have done to these kids, they will never make it in the world, without their parents money...

    i watch this show just to see how lucky i am to have children that appreciate the little things in life, and not just worship the \"{all mighty dollar like this useless group of nobodys do...not all of them are like this, i think george, noah, and alex have intelligent heads on their shoulders, but the rest of them, what a waste....
  • Its a cattle Drive for Chaity, not a Miss America or Personality contest. Get a Life. Respect needs to be given and earned. A Decent show, But.......

    I Love the show But...........

    I rescently watched Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, and have Never been so angry over a TV show in my life! Fabian: Who do you think you are to totaly Direspect the Whole crue, Red And Black. You are such a discrase to America. For you to treat people like you do, Well, lets just say you are No better than anyone at that drive. Nor are you any better than any other American or nationality. And I cant believe how the cast sat back and watched Fabian tear down Alexander like he did. All need to swallow your pride and make a stand for yourselevs. Especially Haley, setting there smiling like the whole drunken camfire episode is funny. I would love to see her collect the semen from a horse. Not going to happen is it Barbi? You are doing this cattle
    drive for Charities, but it seems to be turning into a show about yourselves. You all joined the cattle drive knowing what you might have to incounter. If you have to J**k off a horse, whipe a cows A**, or check for pregnant hefiers, then tahts what you have to do. Its about the charity. Its not about yourselves. You all knew what you were getting into. Alexander, heres some advice: Dont make friends. They either Dis you or wont stand behind you. I have tought my 3 sons this: No matter if you are 1 year old or 90 years old, evryone deserves Respect. And Respect is not only Given but also Earned. Respect Respect Respect Respect? Where did the respect go?!! In the end, we will all die, No matter how much money you have. All men are created equal. No one on the show is any better in the since of money or fame. The one that puts forth hard work and effort "For The Charity", Is the "Better" in the End!
    Not he who has more money or fame. Such selfish people.
  • It is just amazing that some of these young adults are as immature as they are!I am shocked at the behavior, Fabian is the worst!

    As a parent myself, I feel sorry for their parents. Probably think twice before going on a reality show. Fabian is shocking! He is such a jerk and it is amazing that some of these girls think he is \"cool\" what planet do they live on! Haley is a bimbo. Poor Alexander, he needs to punch Fabian out. But with Fabian threatening a lawsuit for every reason; this is the reason he is getting away with everything. The best would be if Fabian\'s dad cut him off for awhile, make him work! But we know in the real world he will continue to be a jerk and get away with it. All I can hope for is that he gets what is coming him one day. Then we will get that last little laugh won\'t we!!!
  • Spoiled rich kids with no career path seek fame through B level Reality show.

    The only show that makes you want to call your parents and thank them for not giving you everything you ever wanted.

    Biggest disappointment: Tough talking/singing Pat Benatar’s daughter. The woman who inspired so many us to be tough and stand up for ourselves has sired a dependent and vapid child.

    Biggest coincidence: Does any see a strange resemblance between Fabian and Robert Chambers, the Preppie Killer?
  • Lame cast of cry babies.

    This show is so full of losers that it is pathetic. Fabian is a bad excuse of a human. He complains way to much and needs to get a personality and a real life. Haley is an idiot who needs to grow up. Brittny needs a brain, it is impossible to be so dumb.
  • These peaple need to get a grip on life, they are spoild and need a good thrashing.

    What needs to be done is have anouther person from the ranch show up and confront the ones like Fabien. There should be some respect given to these contestants, But there must be very hard prices for the uptedidie way they act. these folks should be taken away from the group and shown that they are not all that, There belongings should be taken away and left only with the CLOTHES they have on there back to rely on (all the time being in direct contact with the ranch hand that took them away) This would make for a better show and teach these people a little respect at the same time. Roughing it for a few days (as most cowboys do anyway) would not only give this show a big bost but would show these folks that think there all that a notch down or two and see what real cowboy life is all about.
    __of course I would be willing to help on this...
  • Only one way this show would be off the hook and best show of the season...

    That would be simply to see tool boy Fabian get an attitude adjustment. I always figured people like him existed in some demension, I just always hoped I would never have to actually get the displeasure of seeing one in action. As for the rest of them, they might have a shred of decency but they are not far from wrestling the title of King of the Idiots from Fabians greedy little hands. They all must make their parents proud!
  • I feel so intelligent and full of good ole common sense when I watch these young men and women. It also gives me a sense of strength I didn't realize I had over young people. I could work circles around them at 60 years of age.

    this show is good because it makes us all aware of how being under-priveledged is a plus. we may not have all the riches, but what good are riches when it makes you lazy, stupid and obnoxious like Fabian. the best people on the show are Alexander,Noah and the British young man you don't even list in your cast list. The others are a useless waste of space.
  • I'm very disappointed in "Lord" Clifford.

    I came across this show while surfing and had to watch. My attention was first grabbed by Alexander. Even when the Basabe kid(I can't even remember his first name right now LOL) was acting like an idiot looking for the bucket on the hill while the ditz sisters (whose names I didn't even catch) stood around complaining about being in the weeds I stuck with it for the hunky cowboys. When the cowboy was standing there with that bucket and the creep called 911, I was very disappointed that Alex didn't pick it up and dump it right over his head. I don't think he would have to worry about wussy-boy sueing him. I guess I'll chalk it up to his fine British manners. I think I'll watch next week because as a former bartender one of my favorite things to do is laugh at jerks who get drunk and show how truly stupid they are. Not that I think any of the girls have the brains to think of this but from what I saw in the previews I'd say at least one of them could call 911 legitimately and have him arrested for sexual assault!
  • I like to watch Fabien Basabe because he is so obviously screwed up and a mental case. The real cowboys are confused because they have led normal lives. He is a weirdo.

    Every time I watch this show I thought about how humilitated Fabien Basabe's parents must be, but I looked him up on the internet and his past behavior makes this behavior look civilized, so they are so beyond that. He is a gay partyboy (see Out magazine) who married a woman he has known all his life, who must know he is gay (kissing men is public is a dead giveaway). So, with that in mind, I can see that he is just screwed up and can't help his behavior, like a lot of the children of very rich parents who never were there for them and never gave them any discipline. I'm not saying that's why he's gay, just that he obviously has lots of other problems. I didn't see if the marriage did actually go through after he gave her a four=caret diamond. Just that they had plans in Feb. 2005. His behavior is worth watching for the entertainment value, IF there is nothing else on.
  • There are very few men on Filthy Rich Cattle Drive.It is nice the Cattle Handlers true grit dealing with these empty shells, but I wouldn\'t have been able to without pulling out the cattle prode.

    All I can say is Oh My God. I thought the Anna Nicole show was bad, but Fabian makes a mockery of manhold, class and honor. It hard to imagine that he was raised to be shallow but I guess his parents must be proud of raising a jackass. Please call Fabian a Waaaaaambulence when he leaves the show.
  • Interesting sure shows how much these rich kids, have NO CLASS at all!

    I grew up on a cattle ranch and know it is hard work. These *rich kids* are totally lazy, lack class and I can't believe that they whine so much. I wonder what their parents think of their behavior...especially Fabian's! They don't listen to anything and act like they are about 5 years old. They have no respect for's all about Me Me Me!!!! If I was their parent...when they got home...they would be cut off from all luxuries until they learned to show a little repect to the rest of the world.
  • I cant stand to watch these stupid people!

    I tried watching this show because I liked the idea of the show, but the cast members ruined it! They are supposed to be doing this for a charity, and they are fighting the show every step of the way, I just cant stand to watch it longer then 5 minutes, especially that one 5 year old acting son of some tycoon, never heard of, spoiled, rotten, son of a ...., well, you get the idea. Who could raise such an ass? These cast memebers did not do this for charity, they did it for self exposure, because no one knows who the hell they are! It has ruined any respect I could ever have for any of these people, I would not care to see any of them ever again, on anything or anywhere, they ruined it for themselves and the show. And the hulk daughter? OMG, let someone say something once in a while, sorry Noah, they picked on you for who your father is, that really sucks, you are one of the only ones who actually cared about the charity.Papa Joe, better luck picking a better cast memeber next time.
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