Filthy Rich Cattle Drive

E! (ended 2005)


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  • Not a very good program. Poorly thought out as too what is required of the "kids", and what is to be achieved by what methods.

    A very poorly thought out program by the organisers. The "kids" should have all been made to give up their spoiled kids stuff. They should have all been given exactly the same clothing, - shirts, hats, shoes, jackets, jeans so they are all on an equal footing to start. Each team might have different color shirts to give them a sense of unity in that team. If a member of a team does not work as expected, or required, the whole team should be made to some inconvienience. That causes the whole team to force the offender into line by peer pressure. Food is, or should be a reward for good work. Poor work should cause a poorer quality of food such as hot dogs, as against steaks for supper. All cooking, and cleaning, should be done by the "kids" under guidance. If the food is poorly prepared it's up to them to make the require improvements, which is another peer pressure method to get them working together.