Filthy Rich Cattle Drive

E! (ended 2005)


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  • Okay particular person ruins the show for me because of his attitude. Im sure everyone can guess who!?

    Fabian is the most annoying reality star...term used VERY loosely here... that I have ever seen and Ive watched a lot of reality tv! His attitude towards the staff and the other rich kids is appalling. Wether you have money or not, the way he treats people is dreadful and unacceptable. Threatening to sue, calling the cops at the drop of a hat, claiming diplomatic immunity for wrongdoing, disrespecting everyone, the list goes on and on. His family must be so ashamed that he is representing them on national televison! I know I would be. He makes a complete fool of himself every episode. The rest of the kids are ok and the ranch workers/owners seem like decent people. Overall..not the best that reality tv has to offer and I dont think I could handle wasting another hour of my time watching this.