Filthy Rich Cattle Drive

E! (ended 2005)


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  • A compelling real life drama, emotions run high, and the youngest member sums it all up in the first 5 minutes! Mr nasty never gets what's due however.

    I happened upon the programme in the early hours, but it grew on me steadily, although there were moments when I thought the conversation about clothes from the girls was tedious. Did they not get the idea that this was about having a go at something they would probably never experience again, not a fashion parade? I thought the undoubted star of the show was Alexander. At just 20 he was the youngest, and not even old enough to buy a drink under US law. He summed the whole thing up on the plane after about 5 minutes with "so far they seem to be conforming to stereotypes, and the conversation seems superficial and materialistic". A shame that he was the only one to stand up to Fabian, but nobody supported him when he did. Were they scared of "Fabe the babe"? I suppose in some ways Alexander, who was always the perfect gentleman and never complained, and George, who also got on with the job, did not make such good TV as Alex the philanderer with a wife back home, and the ever complaining Fabian and the girls. Some of Fabian's supposedly reasonable notions were jaw-droppingly outrageous and you had to laugh at them. Emotions running high can be quite gripping in reality TV and the scenes where the bosses are taunted and insulted made the blood boil and their self control was remarkable. All in all a compelling real life drama!
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