Filthy Rich Cattle Drive

E! (ended 2005)


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  • Poor Little rich kids..


    I have never seen so many spoiled rich kids in one place in my whole life.

    I did give the first eppy the benifite of the doubt. But when they sat around the table and talked about their allowances and the Yahoo daughter said "I chose not to work" it went down hill from there for me.

    Not to pick on the Yahoo daughter, Courtney, But when she had to call 'daddy' cause she felt like her life was in danger and her life flashed before her eyes. I was really thinking, then go home. Stop complaining and get in your BMW or what ever your daddy bought you and go home.

    It has alway amazed me to no end how anyone can get on a reality show and be there for five minutes and start to complain about having to this thing or that thing. Go home and let someone else that would really want to be there be there.