Filthy Rich

Season 2 Episode 8

A Beck Goes Back

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 24, 1983 on CBS
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A Beck Goes Back
When Carlotta is nominated to be vice president of the Dames of the Confederacy, her rival nominee, Sissy Chastaine gives Carlotta a most difficult charity to complete in order to stay in the running--the high school equivalency test drive. Carlotta is determined to win the nomination, but has no idea how to complete her charity drive, until Bootsy reveals she does not have her high school diploma. Bootsy offers her help to Carlotta and Marshall, who repel her every effort. Finally, Stanley, Wild Bill and Bootsy (who has been preparing to take her exam by reading the entire encyclopedia Britannica--except the "z"s) come up with the perfect plan to help--make giant billboards of Bootsy wearing her mortar board and holding a diploma under the heading: "A Beck goes Back!" [to school]. Carlotta, Marshall, and Kathleen are horrified, and armed with paint and brushes go around town blocking out the Beck name. They're arrested. When Carlotta returns home after spending a night in jail, she receives a phone call from Sissy Chastaine. Sissy tells Carlotta that the equivalency test drive was a huge success. Carlotta is thrilled, believing she has won the nomination, until Sissy tells her that due to her now criminal record, she is disqualified.moreless

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Nedra Volz

Nedra Volz

Winona 'Mother B' Beck

Delta Burke

Delta Burke

Kathleen Beck

Jerry Hardin

Jerry Hardin

Wild Bill Weschester

Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter

Carlotta Beck

Vernon Weddle

Vernon Weddle

George Wilhoit

Slim Pickens

Slim Pickens

Big Guy Beck (Pilot Only)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This episode is also known as "High School Diploma."

    • Mother B bakes a birthday cake for Big Guy. Since only 15 episodes were made of the series, it seems rather early to be celebrating his birthday again -- -- they previously celebrated Big Guy's birthday in the "Pilot" episode

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Carlotta: I am sick to death of food I have to unfold, unwrap or unscrew!

      Mother B: I don't want that piece, I wanted the lips.
      Kathleen: Don't be silly! Chickens don't have lips!
      Mother B: I know that, Miss Tennessee Feed and Grain. I was settin' up a joke! It was a good joke too! Johnny Carson told it on The Tonight Show, and Ed McMahon wasn't the only one that laughed. Doc and the band and the whole audience was just goin' crazy! And now you've spoiled it!
      Kathleen: Well, I'm very sorry! I had no idea you were settin' up a chicken lip joke!

      Marshall: We could even get Jerry Lewis to host.
      Mother B: Oh, I wouldn't ask him. He can't even support his own family! Every time I walk into a liquor store, here's this picture that says "Help Support Jerry's Kids!"

      Wild Bill: Bootsie, hon, can I ask you a question?
      Bootsie: Uh-huh, anything you want. Just as long as it's not why didn't I tell them at dinner that I don't have my high school diploma.
      Wild Bill: Well, that kinda wipes out my first choice!

      Wild Bill: Why, you're the best-informed person I know. Who else do you know that's read the entire encyclopedia, A-Z?
      Bootsie: Just to "Y." I don't know, I tried, but "Z" is something I just couldn't get into.

      Kathleen: I just adored high school. I was most popular and queen of everything! Tell me, Carlotta, can you remember as far back as your high school days?
      Carlotta: Oh, Kathleen, Kathleen… How sad it is to see an ex-majorette go to seed. If you're not careful, in five more years they'll be carving heads of presidents on those thighs!

      Kathleen: Oh, the shame! I'll never be able to show my face in Memphis again!
      Carlotta: Well, Kathleen, that won't be so terrible. You'll have all those other parts!

      Stanley: I told you I was entertaining a lady.
      Carlotta: At two o'clock in the afternoon?
      Stanley: That's entertainment!

      Kathleen: This whole thing is something I'll never be able to forget. The police were so mean, so brutal, so…. authoritative, so commanding, so strong!
      Mother B: So what?

      Bootsie: Come on everybody, I've got a surprise for you. Let's go watch TV.
      Carlotta: No thanks, I'm exhausted! Do you happen to have an overdose of sleeping pills on you?

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    Judge Judy
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    What Would You Do?
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