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Filthy Rich

Season 2 Episode 12

The Best Revenge is Stealing Your Ex-Husband's Second Wife's Fiance

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jun 15, 1983 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Best Revenge is Stealing Your Ex-Husband's Second Wife's Fiance
Gold-digging Kathleen finds herself engaged to a rich old timer and the wedding's just days away. Marshall and Carlotta are excited because, by getting remarried, Kathleen forfeits her claim on Big Guy's money. Kathleen sees this as her last opportunity to seduce Stanley. But Kathleen's giddiness turns to despair when her finace announces that he's in love with Mother B. just moment before they are to be wed.moreless

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    Nedra Volz

    Nedra Volz

    Winona 'Mother B' Beck

    Delta Burke

    Delta Burke

    Kathleen Beck

    Jerry Hardin

    Jerry Hardin

    Wild Bill Weschester

    Dixie Carter

    Dixie Carter

    Carlotta Beck

    Vernon Weddle

    Vernon Weddle

    George Wilhoit

    Slim Pickens

    Slim Pickens

    Big Guy Beck (Pilot Only)

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    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Music: "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Randy Newman.

      • The spelling of "fiance" in the title is correct. The characters do not pronounce the word traditionally as "fiancé."

      • This episode is also known as "Kathleen's Wedding."

      • This was the final episode to be aired of Filthy Rich, but not the end of this team. Dixie Carter and Delta Burke went on to again co-star in the tremendously successful Designing Women, which also came from Filthy Rich writer/creator Linda Bloodworth Thomason. Charles Frank directed several episodes of Desigining Women, and later guest-starred alongside Delta Burke in an episode of its spin-off, Women of the House, titled The Conjugal Cottage. Nedra Volz also had a guest starring role in an episode of Designing Women, titled Hard Hats and Lovers.

      • Nielsen Rating: 62/72, 8.0/16

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Carlotta: This could be our last chance to cut Kathleen out of the inheritance. You know, there are only so many sick, old, rich men left in the world!

        Marshall: He's so old and frail. What if she tries to jump him before the ceremony?
        Carlotta: She did it to your father, didn't she? Maybe we're gonna have to just guard his room. Let's face it, that girl is a sexual weigh station for rich, old men on the way out. She doesn't just hold the door open, she kicks them through!

        Kathleen: Need any help?
        Stanley: No, not unless you want to tell me how old that human being is you're engaged to.
        Kathleen: What's wrong? Jealous?
        Stanley: No. I just hate to see you doin' the same thing to that guy that you did to my Dad. What are you, some kind of a geriatric groupie?

        Stanley: Kathleen, if you're so in love with this Hugh, then what are you doin' in here with your lips pressed against my back?
        Kathleen: My lips had to be somewhere, don't they?

        Kathleen: Oh, Stanley, sometimes I want you so much I could just kiss you until I've sucked all the life from your lungs! How would that make you feel?
        Stanley: Scared!

        Mother B: So, you're here to marry that big girl… Uh, what's her name?
        Hugh McPheeters: I don't know. Kathleen, is it?
        Mother B: That's – that's – that's the one. She – she married my husband. You know, I still say he wasn't in love, he was in heat!

        Hugh McPheeters: The simple truth is I don't like being alone. I was married for 52 years.
        Mother B: How long ago did your wife die?
        Hugh McPheeters: Oh, three weeks ago.

        Hugh: Say, you're pretty sharp, aren't you? I thought you were supposed to be crazy.
        Mother B: I am. But sometimes this tobasco sauce just sets my circulation to rollin', and I'm overwhelmed with brilliance. It's a shame it happened this morning, I was tryin' to save it for my birthday!

        Mother B: Personally, I think young folks are a bore. They bore me to tears. They're so ill-mannered and they're so sloppy-dressin' and they bastardize the English language. Man, this Tobasco sauce has got me cookin'!

        Kathleen: That little crazy person couldn't steal anybody. And especially not from someone as young, beautiful and sexually appealing as me.
        Marshall: You may be overestimating your physical charm just a tad.
        Carlotta: That's right. If those thighs get any bigger, you can apply for statehood.

        Bootsie: You must tell us how you got engaged to Kathleen so quickly.
        Kathleen: Oh, that's a boring story. I don't think we want to hear that.
        Hugh McPheeters: No, no, I'll tell you. Kathleen was standing in front of my wife's jewelry box. Uh, I said 'What are you doing with Ethel's ring?' She said, um, 'Trying it on.'
        Bootsie: Go on.
        Hugh McPheeters: That's it.

        Hugh: Why do you do that?
        Kathleen: Do what?
        Hugh: Talk like Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet!
        Kathleen: I didn't know that I did.
        Hugh: I noticed you only do it when you're talking to me. You know, I really don't mind you talking like a normal person, if you want to.
        Kathleen: Well, darling, if I talk differently with you, it's because you make me feel different – more feminine and protected like a little girl, your little girl!
        Hugh: Yes, but you see, you're not a little girl. You're really rather a big girl!

        Kathleen: If I thought I didn't make you happy, I'd probably just march right up to the roof and fling myself off!
        Hugh: How many floors do you have here?

        Hugh: Are you sure don't want to marry me?
        Mother B: I don't think so. I like you alright, but I don't really like you that much!

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