Final Appeal: From the Files of Unsolved Mysteries

NBC (ended 1992)


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Final Appeal: From the Files of Unsolved Mysteries

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In this spin-off of the popular Unsolved Mysteries, Robert Stack presents an investigation of criminal trials from the perspective of both the prosecution and defense. The evidence in the case is examined as is the fairness of the trial to determine if the convicted deserve a final appeal.
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  • An show where things are solved,unsolved and the unexplainedable

    This show is about recent events that has happened liked murder,robbery,searching for lost love and other things.It is up to the viewers to solve the crime if they know the runaway escaped jail person and other stuff.There has been two unsolved mystery case,that was shown on unsolved mystery as an movie.Its an shame,that they have to end the series.There are more news events that has happened lately.It could've gone on with an new host and all that kind of stuff.I really enjoy this show.Its always intruging and interesting.I just wished that this show would still continue with new stuff and all.moreless
  • the show should be brought back. that way some good can start being done again.

    this show was wonderful and helped so many people. why they would take it off the air is beyond me. it makes me shudder to think the people who could have been caught and have not been , because of the show being gone. even on the reruns on lifetime, we don't get current updates to the cases they were trying to solve and people they were trying to find. this was one of the few tv shows that was both helpful and educational for us as a society. it is real life, with real life views and trials that we can identify with.moreless

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