Final Fantasy: Unlimited

(ended 2002)


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Final Fantasy: Unlimited

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Final Fantasy: Unlimited is the third attempt of trying to make an anime based off the popular video game series of Final Fantasy. It was originally scheduled for 52 weekly episodes (two seasons). Unfortunately, low ratings led to its cancellation, forcing the story to be quite condensed in the final episodes. The show is about Ai and Yu, two twelve year-old twins who travel into Wonderland, a mysterious parallel dimension, in search of their missing parents. Along the way they meet many strange new characters and travel to exotic lands in pursuit of their quest. All the while, the evil Earl Tyrant is holding the twins' parents hostage, and has had them brainwashed into working on his side to help him become more powerful. Tyrant desires to consume every world outside Wonderland, other worlds like our own, to become the ultimate power in the universe. Can the twins and their friends, Lisa, Kaze and the forces of the Comodeen, stop the Earl and save their parents and the rest of the universe? Only time, and the next twenty-five action-packed episodes of FF:U, will tell...
Opening Theme Song: "Over the FANTASY" Lyrics by Yuko Ebine The light of dawn pours over the vast Earth And marks the beginning of our journey With our eyes on the future I deeply breathe in the rushing wind The eyes that could only speak in dreams Presented us with the path we're to take Fly to the Neverland Awaken the unlimited courage inside of us

Claire Hamilton

Claire Hamilton

Fabula (English Language Version)

Jessica Schwartz

Jessica Schwartz

Ai Hayakawa (English Language Version)

Kikuko Inoue

Kikuko Inoue


Sammy Harte

Sammy Harte

Chocobo / Chobi (as Samantha Inoue-Harte) (English Language Version)

Kyoko Hikami

Kyoko Hikami

Lisa Pacifist (as Kyouko Hikami)

Shawn Sides

Shawn Sides

Lisa Pacifist (English Language Version)

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  • its an ok show. i was thinking it would be better just like the games.

    I watch Final Fantasy Unlimited and i can say it is a ok show. Final Fantasy Unlimited did not show that much of a final fantasy. I ask my self why did i watch that? the only thing i can think of is it was a final fantasy movie/show. it must be good. I was wrong. The only thing that i liked about it was that they had chocobos and they were all cool. This show is different from a final fantasy. One every final fantasy (not ffX2) each character had a sword. at least at the start of a game. This guy had a gun that when he used it, he could summon a monster. All he had to do is mix up some dirt. ya dirt. Also when used his hand became the gun. lets not forget the kids that played a big role in the show. this kids had no power and there main goal was to find there mom and dad that came to that world and never came back. this kids are so useless and the only fighting was when the bad guys whos leader was a kid him self tryed to kill the guy with the speacial dirt gun that summon monsters. Some people would like it but it is one of thouse that is real hard to get into.moreless
  • Final Fantasy Unlimited, a show almost forgetten by all the fans of the popular RPG gaming franchise. A story of two twelve years old's Ai and Yu, who journey to find their parents, and who they meet on the way, Namely Kaze, a mysterious man and his Magunmoreless

    An under valued and underappreciated show. and the prime of Japanese animation, and yet another one that did not make it to the UK. The story of Ai and Yu, A woman named Lisa, and two men of mystery Kaze and Makenshi, two mysterious men, whom both have power, which many consider "unlimited".

    It has everything a Final Fantasy Fan can enjoy, Sword's, Guns, Women with Breasts above the size of the Average Barbie. Cid, obviously, no Final fantasy is complete without him, and of course all the Summons you could wish for. With Appearances from loveable Moogles and Chocobo's it is one of the better Anime shows to come out of Japan. The Plot line itself was not too bad either. Evil Tyrant, Evil Henchman, The Villian Transforms into a giant monster. All the same ideas as the game. or the same ideas as the average Dragonball Z episode. It was a marvel of its time, and something that people should treasure, not forget, yet i am sure that it will simply be another thing that people will try to cover up as a failure, but there is only one thing i have to say to those people : " The Soul Charge Triad to use on you... has been decided!!"moreless
  • a good final fantasy anime?

    now final fantasy has some great games..... but some bad anime as well i even had a two CGI movies one bad one petty good now then Final Fantasy: Unlimited a good Final Fantasy anime but has some flaws like its a bit wired for non fans and its a littel bit slow but a great Final Fantasy anime at last i give this show: 8.9
  • Of all the great Final Fantasy games out there why'd they make a Final Fantasy anime like this. It's a lot worse than the Final Fantasy movie.

    Of all the great Final Fantasy games out there why'd they make a Final Fantasy anime like this. It's a lot worse than the Final Fantasy movie.

    I was really hoping a lot of this anime. I thought there's no way the creators of Final Fantasy at SQUARE, would screw up a anime based of their great games, but they did. All the games story lines were made for teenagers or adults like Final Fantasy 2, 3, 7, 10, 10x2 and 12. The anime had to have been made for todlers to watch. I mean the story was terrible. It wasn't compelling, deep, or meaningful. There was no drama, the action sucked. The characters were terrible, I could care less whether any of them lived or died, and then there was the animation. It was clossed over, no grittyness to add emotion to the show. I am truly disappointed. At least the Final Fantasy movie was ok.

    Now I'm going to go back to playing Final Fantasy 12, a real Final Fantasy anime/movie.moreless
  • I cant recommend this to the final fantasy fans

    Like every final fantasy game it has is own story and world.

    This anime serie has also nothing to do with any final fantasy game except some basics.

    I have watched every episode and found most of the episodes boring because its the same deal over and over again.

    The characters gets in a new different world and

    the bad guy gets defeated by some type of summon and dies.

    Most of the episodes stands on is own except the last ones.

    The storyline and the little plot are not nearly as good as the most final fantasy stories. So i cant recommend to a final fantasy fan.

    Anime fans who watch this anime dont find this any special.

    This is just a regular show which isnt that good or badmoreless

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