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  • I don't like reality contest shows, but I make an exception for this one.

    I like the premise of this show, in that it stars a real martial arts expert and three dozen real martial arts competitors. The show is interesting because it showcases a variety of different martial arts styles and disciplines. The viewer can compare and contrast the strategies, strengths and weaknesses of the various martial arts disciplines as they are employed against one another. I didn't like all of the nonmartial tasks, but I could see the point of most of them. I liked the first several episodes with the first group of competitors better than the ones with the second group, because the producers seemed to include more annoying "personal moment" whining sessions with individual cast members emoting about the unfairnesses they perceived with the competition. It was neat to bring together for competition those who made the cut from both groups.
  • Finally a reality show worth watching!

    Reality TV has become dull and boring with the relentless sequals of Survivor, Big Brother, and Amazing Race that have no point whatsoever and if it did in the begining it is long lost. With Final Fu, we get to see REAL martial artists compete in a tournament run by a TRUE master of martial arts Ernie Reyes Jr. And what makes this show work is the challenges actually test the martial artists on how they perform as well as having them fight. The tournaments uniqueness makes it difficult to miss each episode. I cant see this show getting old any time soon and I hope Final Fu gets picked up for another season!
  • i like it

    i like it i dont get why people think its a bad show. I think is entartaining to watch, but its not the type of show that i have to watch. BUt its entertainig to see all those people embarrase themselves on tv. ITs good tv. its better than other shows that mtv has, so i like. More people should give it a chance and not judge it. I think its the first show of its class. I wanted to see a show like this for a longtime. It ok but i dosnt match up to my expectations. Final Fu is a good show
  • A horrible show. Don't waste your time.

    The Final Fu is an embarrassment to martial arts. The challenges are not relevant. And the point sparring is one of the stupidest and ineffective ways to see who is a better fighter. Head shots are not even allowed. And why are the fighters rewarded when the land a blow that has no force on it? If these fighters got into a street fight and fought the way they do on this show, they would be knocked out in 10 seconds. The only entertaining thing about this show is watching Ernie Reyes Jr. running around like a chicken with its head cut off during the point sparring. Anyone who has seen true mma or the ufc should realize that it is the only effective style of martial arts. Do not give this show ratings. Watch something else.
  • Final Foolishness.

    True combat is only seen in true combat arts like Judo and Jujitsu these days. Final Fu is the typical Americanized "Billy Blanks" Aerobics workout that means and does nothing in the real world situations. The fact that the arts were a means of survival in the ancient times when hand-to-hand combat was a real probability and has now been reduced to "no striking in the face or below the knees" point system is a farce and a tragedy for real martial artists out there.

    The very fact that men are so called "fighting" women in this show proves the weakening of the true art and true combat that it was born from so that physically weaker people can even hope to compete with physically superior ones. Taking away points for face contact and "excessive force" is simple way to help those who could not survive in a real world, life or death situation, compete and excel in this sport of tag now publicized as martial arts.

    If MTV and Ernie Reyes dont want women getting hurt then dont allow them to compete with men. The guys are already at a disadvatage because they are afraid to use full force which also effects their speed in kicks and punches, ontop of that i wish i had a dime for everytime a girl walked into a solid foot or fist of the male she was fighting and then got "whiplashed" from it, walked off the mat in pain only to have Little Ernie take away points and even disqualify the male "fighter" for what he calls "excessive force." They call that "fighting"...what a joke.

    I would pay money to see any of the competitors to include "Little Ernie" step into the UFC octagon or in a real full contact match and even survive 10 seconds with a real fighter.
  • A disgrace to real martial artists everywhere. The only upside to this show is the laughter it produces from watching the competitors make a joke of themselves and their style with the asinine point based rule system governing the sparring

    With the success of reality based fighting shows such as \\\"The Ultimate Fighter\\\" and the \\\"Contender\\\", MTV finally tried to capitalize on it by making their own version. MTV\\\'s \\\"Final Fu\\\" is a show where 30 martial artists defend their martial arts styles and compete to be the \\\"Final Fu\\\", where winning arises from acquiring points earned from point sparring and obstacle course type challenges. However, the reality is the last man standing, or should I say the one with the most points, is far more likely to appear like the \\\"Final Fool\\\" rather than anything else. With that, I have a few complaints to explain. Please note that this isn\\\'t coming from someone inexperienced in the martial arts. Quite the contrary, I have well over a decade of training in a variety of styles, both standup and grappling, and have a love of martial arts. With that in mind, here are my complaints:

    ************ Point Sparring Competitions******************
    This type of sparring is a joke among real martial artists, and is usually only found in McDojos or crappy tournaments. You get points based on what attack you use and where, but you can\\\'t hit to the head, below the knees, the back, or use \\\"excessive force\\\". Most normal point sparring allows kicks to the head, but not this show. What it amounts to is two idiots dancing around, throwing crappy attacks and swinging wildly, in hopes of acquiring more points. Instead of being intense or exciting, like you can find in other fighter based shows, this type of sparring results in the competitors looking absolutely foolish. They are not only embarrassing themselves on national television, they are shaming their styles they so desperately hope to defend. Most of it can be blamed on the silly rules they are bound by, but it can\\\'t be denied by anyone with real martial arts skill that these people look like a joke regardless. If they are so worried about these young \\\"black belts\\\" getting hurt, why don\\\'t they allow them to wear more gear so that they may at least hit to the head and not fret so much about contact? Regardless, you can\\\'t find the ultimate martial arts with point sparring--it needs to be full contact and limited in rules like you see in other shows or not at all. The reality is the only purpose of point sparring is that it looks prettier than full contact sparring:in point sparring you can do fancy kicks, spins, and jump kicks. You can only get away with those fancy types of attacks in point sparring watered down further with lots of rules, anywhere else and the fancy kicker would be taken down and pounded into submission.

    *****************Lack of styles************************
    They claim to have a variety of styles, but in reality they just have different types of Karate, Taekwondo, and \\\"Kung Fu\\\", with maybe a few exceptions like Hapkido. Essentially it is composed on East Asian stand up martial arts, and not much else. If this is supposed to be a competition of styles there should be more variety than that. Where\\\'s the Judo, Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wing Chun, etc? Oh yeah, most of those styles would want to either hit full contact, to the head, or take the opponent to the ground. The reason why there are so many TKD and Karate styles present on the show is that those schools are more likely to practice sparring like this in their normal routine--sadly--or their style is most adjustable to the asinine rule set.

    ************The idea behind the show is old*************
    The UFC already ended the question of which style is the best= An exclusively stand up martial art (ex: Taekwondo) will almost always lose to a grappling art, and a mixed martial arts with both stand up and grappling skills will almost always defeat the opponent skilled in just one style, regardless which one.

    Overall, this show is an absolute joke to anyone in real martial arts (AKA: not in a McDojo). I hope that the \\\"final fool\\\" gets offered some spot on the UFC\\\'s \\\"Ultimate Fighter\\\" or a spot in any full contact competition just so that I can watch them get slaughtered.

  • This is one of the best shows on tv. The right combo of reality and skill.

    This is one of my favorite shows. Its not very old but I think of it already as one of my top 3 favs. Its about 4 weeks and 30 contestants using there martial arts talent. The goal is to become the best of the week against 9 other people. To be the best you have to be in the top 4 of the week by points. You can get points by challenges or in 1 on 1 fights. Then after you have advanced past the week you compete in the last week against the rest of the winners. The ultimate goal is to Become the FINAL FU!!!!!!!!
  • Ready, Set, Fight...

    The Final Fu is basically a competion between martial artists. They compete in challenges which gets them points. They also fight each other to even gain more points.

    I think that this show is underappreciated because not a lot of people appreciate martial arts. In my opinion, this is a very good show that has a lot of action in it. The fighting in the show is intense and seeing the different techniques of the people are quite interesting. The only problem that I have is the challenges. They seem kinda stupid. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that the host is totally amazing in martial arts.

    This is actually a very good show that not a lot people watch.
  • verry good sho

    damn man afta taking kenpo karate fo a while im startin to realize just how hard it must be fo dese foos (cracker joke here)(or should i say fu's) to get as fa as dey went and got i mean damn dawg dese guys done every thing dey know how just to get hea not to mention what else dey guna have to go thru now i mean damn dawg if yall take, or toke,martial arts yall would, or will, or do, definately apreciate what dese here peps do i mean damn dawg its some hard sh*t dey do, peace dawgs, ya boy juanito
  • i actually met the star of the show ernie reyes jr.

    this weekend i went to my stepsisters blackbelt test. she goes to ernie reyes west coast. they did fancy stuff and i actually say his son( not up in front of him, but i was in the audience and he told e3veryone about this show). i cant wait till it comes out. im a big fan of kung fu tv show s and movies. so its about eople who compete in various chinese style challen ges. for those of you who might not know, it pilots on mtv at 11 pm and 4:30 on mtv 2. both this monday ^_^.
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