Find My Family (Australia)

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  • My Mum was a "War Baby"

    My mother was what was known as a "war baby" conceived during WW2 by her married mother(whose husband was MIA presumed dead)we have bits and pieces of information(about her biological father) but as my mother was raised by her mothers husband when he escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp and returned to England, the situation(of her NOT being his biological child) was just not discussed out of respect. After he passed away I did try to question my mother's mother(my grandmother) about my mums biological father and although I got snippets of information I was unsure as to their accuracy as she had early stages of dementia at the time. One bit of information was that my mothers biological father did try to get custody of my mother when she was quite young and after speaking to my mum she did say she had an early memory of going to York and to a courthouse, so this may be true. I tried to search early court records but on my own had no would dearly love to help find him(if he is still alive) or know whether he had any other children(who would be my mums half siblings). If your show would be interested in helping me give my Mum some answers I would be most grateful.