Finding Bigfoot

Sunday 10:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered May 30, 2011 In Season


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  • finding bigfoot

    This show is just stupid, please put something worth watching like the meerkat manor show or something people would actually enjoy watching with thier kids. Most of the shows you have right now are great family entertainment but you do have a couple of stupid ones. Thumbs down on Finding Bigfoot.
  • Stupid

    This is one show animal planet should cancel, finding bigfoot has been on since 2011 and they still haven't found anything, don't you think they should of by now?
  • Bigfoot is Real

    Great show they really do try everything everywhere to find this creature that so many people are seeing.
  • Your Show in General

    My main question is you find a place that has a lot of Big Foot evidence,why don't you stay in that place until you actually find a Big Foot? Isn't that the goal,to actually find one? All the things that I see on your show used to be common place where I you really want to see one then it seems you would stay in one spot long enough to find one.
  • SEEN IT .............

    When I was about 10-11 was camping with my family .. I when fishing and over the hill from were I was something started to come to the water ,,,, I only seen it for a moment but I will never forget it .. And you can not ever forget it ... was never Klamath Falls , Oregon.. In Montana now and have heard some things that you can not understand..
  • Cameras anyone??!!

    They have never seen a Bigfoot ever. Why don't they set up camera in the woods? Just a thought
  • What did I just watch??

    I thought this was a prank, but it's not even close to april. I'm cool with the thought of a big foot existing, but this show was ridiculous, and really a waste of 22 minutes.
  • A believing dis-believer

    I watch this show out of an interest in the idea that a large undiscovered mammal exists in North America. I find the individual stories of people, that claim to have seen a Bigfoot, interesting. I don't expect to ever see real proof of a Bigfoot no matter how long this show is on the air.
  • A lot of fluff!

    I sure hope future episodes are better than this first one set in Georgia. They did not show enough of the witnesses describing their accounts with the creature. There was a lot of fluff in this episode and we got no feedback on the prints that were found- maybe they are saving that for later. Usually I love Bigfoot shows, but this one barely held my interest. I did not find the Bigfoot research team to be particularly likable or very scientific sounding compared to other documentaries. Hopefully this doesn't add to whole joking attitude about the possible existence of Bigfoot. Let's hope for an improvment in future episodes...