Finding Carter

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Finding Carter

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This drama focuses on a teenager who finds out a shocking secret about her mother. A girl named Carter who gets into trouble finds out that her mother and best friend is actually her kidnaper. She is then forced to live with her real family. Her new mother focuses on catching the kidnaper, while Carter works on getting in touch with her.

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AIRED ON 8/26/2014

Season 1 : Episode 9

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  • more to this story, than abduction!

    The concept of the show is great, kidnapped kid grows close with mom ' who is not her natural birth-mom' But not being angry at her that she was lied too, all her live is not realistic. She should understand the feelings of her birth mom. But that's why I sense there is more to this story, than just abduction. Kidnap mom knows more. Maybe that is why the cop-mom wants to find her so bad. Carter is an annoying brat most of the times though. She should embrace the concept of have a bigger family now.moreless
  • A Great Show

    My husband and I both love this show, and we were adults when MTV began. When Finding Carter starts, Carter is 16 and lives with her single mom. It's clear that they have a loving relationship, and Carter is a happy girl. Then Carter and her friends have a little trouble with the local police (as many basically good kids do, and many more just don't get caught). A few hours later, Carter's friends are released, but she has to stay because her fingerprints match those of a child who was kidnapped 13 years earlier. Carter's life is turned upside down; she is immediately sent to live with her real family (mother, father, twin sister, and younger brother). Everyone of them had assumed she was dead. Inner chaos ensues for all of them, but Carter wants only to go back to her old life, living with the woman she has always believed is her real mother. She doesn't remember her original family at all, and making things worse (in Carter's eyes), is that her original mother is a detective hell bent on arresting her other mother. It is so fascinating to watch how the kidnapping changed everything for all of them. The acting is quite good, production values are high, and the plot is one that I have never before seen in a tv series. Except for the lack of nudity and "bad" language, this show could be on HBO. Please watch it without being so judgmental about Carter. Try to remember when you were 16 and how you would feel if your life is ripped apart, and you are sent to live with strangers.

    Then think about each of the other family members, plus Carter's other mother, and how you would feel and deal with these enormous changes in your life. This show deserves to live.moreless
  • Maturity

    This show is annoying. Carter is old enough to understand why her mother is overprotective. She has no grasp on reality. My 5 year old understands and cares for people more than she does. Carter's life was taken from her but again ,she is old enough to understand what is going on and why everyone is doing the things that they are doing. She just seems like a crappy person in general. She is too self-centered.moreless
  • Not a bad show

    I really liked this show.

    I understand that some people will hate this series while other would won't because they understand Carter point of view. I think that makes the difference, if you do not understand Carter point of view her situation you will not enjoy the show .

    Carter finding out her mother isn't her mother is a great idea for this show but you need to see this from her side , the show is about her not her family. Carter is obviously going to rebel from the situation which is typical for a teenager. You really understand she loves the women who raised her she look after her and gave her a loving home yes she a kidnapper but you can sympathy for the fact she didn't abuse her or locked her up like a slave. You can see she gave her freedom to live her life.

    I agree the parents are rather annoying but again you have understand the motive. A mother who lost her child and has become an overprotective mother to the other child was predictable. Of course the other daughter is going jealous that Carter had a better life than her. She now has a chance to get to know her. The boy drama is unnecessary but MTV know that they need that keep people watching so that they can create hash tag of them as couples to promote the show.

    I personally like this show and i will continue to watch it but after reading the negative review below i thought this deserved at least one positive review.moreless
  • Why Carter is the absolute worse!

    While sitting thru the 2 hours of this premiere, I kept wondering as to why no one slapped some since into this girl. It may have been more frustrating than if I had to watch an hour of Dana Brody from Homeland bitch about her life. I can't believe how selfish the writers made this girl. Instead of feeling sympathetic for a character who had something horrific happen to her, I absolutely loathed her. While all of the other aspects are pretty standard drama tropes; cheating spouse, jealous sister, ignored little brother, the meat of this show just falls completely flat. To sum up Carters sister: I think I would've liked it if she were actually dead.moreless

    MTV Renews Finding Carter for Season 2

    MTV has ordered 12 more episodes.

    • carter and crash?
      am i the only one who particularly dislikes these two together? not max and not.. gabe, but most certainly not "crash" i belie...
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