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AIRED ON 12/15/2015

Season 2 : Episode 24

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This drama focuses on a teenager who finds out a shocking secret about her mother. A girl named Carter who gets into trouble while trying to find out who her real mother is. Carter is getting into a lot of problems on the way. Will she found out who her real mother is?


    MTV Sets Return Date for Finding Carter, and Releases New Trailers for Faking It and Awkward

    Let's just say Carter makes some poor life choices this season.


    MTV Renews Finding Carter for 12 More Episodes

    Watch Alex Saxon's video announcement.

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    • what wasted opportunity

      The premise of the show sounded very interesting but what they have done with it is just a waste of time and good material ,,, a drama with that premise shouldnt end up as a teeny ... whatever this ended up as but what bothers me the most are the stupid desicions the characters make which are not remotly understandable... simply it hurts to watch this
    • Crazy crazy drama drama

      This is probably the best show you can go to at the moment if you want some crazy, over the top drama. It's the kind of show where people tend to react to all the shocking events in the show by doing something reckless, which often leads to more drama/shocking events.

      Everything is delivered in a fairly deadpan manner, however I don't think that the writers are aiming for a super realistic story; it's a fun, over the top story in which incredible things happen all the time. It's kind of interesting to see this kind of story; Finding Carter approaches drama in the same way that True Lies approaches action.

      Obviously this isn't for everyone, but if it is the kind of thing you're looking for then I think it's been done really well.moreless
    • OmeshSingh's review is pretty spot on!

      I couldn't simply comment on or reply to the fac review written on Jun 10, 2015 by OmeshSingh but I absolutely agree.

      Great concept being wasted as a teenage crush drama. Unrealistic behaviour from key roles such as the parents. I would hope that there would be WAY more support integrating a person in Carter's position back into her old family than is shown in this tv series. There's background complexities that are totally unnecessary such as the mother's extra-martial affair. It's just silly and pointless. And is there going to be a single young man who can "resist" Carter? Good grief.

      I also agree that Grant and Max are the only two characters that are doing themselves any justice and I suspect that is because the young men playing them are exceptional and true actors, not that they have received better scripts or character briefs.

      Max's character is lovely and the actor is doing a wonderful job portraying a teen stoner bored with his life opportunities. Nothing in the story really suggests my next idea, but I just like to imagine that perhaps he's far smarter than the education system he is in can handle and with his insight and smarts he's become bored and rebelled the way teenagers do.

      Grant isn't totally realistic as a young tween but his character is a welcome relief from the bores that surround him. I get that he's found humour and wit as an escape from his self named "replacement child" position, and I can believe his wise beyond his years. But the show's greatest flaw is that these two characters are not completely realistic and everyone else is far too overhyped and dramatic.

      I will keep watching in the hopes that it takes a turn for the better, but we'll see how it goes, I watch with low expectations and reserve the right to stop at any moment. :-Pmoreless
    • love this show!!

      cannot wait for this show to come back on i absolutely adore this show. hurry up and bring more episodes!!
    • Terrible story

      The show has such a strong premise but there's nothing to back it up. Some of the lead characters portray their characters well some don't and in total there is probably only two characters who I really cared about. Grant and Max.

      Acting of some of the support cast is also weak and writing is atrocious. If you watch this show you will need to suspend all belief or face a life of baldness because the characters will have you pulling your hair out asking questions like: "Why would they do that?", "Why would you trust her?", "Why don't you just tell him the truth, surely everything is on a level playing field now???!!!!!", "Why would you follow such a stupid plan?", "How does someone escape from custody?", "Why are you breaking up with him?"

      In conclusion I think this show is wasted opportunity. It had potential to be something unique and deep but is is spoiled by atrocious writing and some mediocre acting. When you make TV by the numbers you compromise core ideas to appeal to certain demographics. It's sad that this show has gone that way. I wonder what this could have been in the hands of more daring producers and more talented writers.moreless
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