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  • Teri Polo is Erin Finnegan, who leads the LAPD's Organized Crime/Vice division, and goes head-to-head with the world's most dangerous organized crime kingpins, putting her personal life on the back burner. Billy Zane is the past and future love interest.

    I got to see the pilot of this show and I think it shows a lot of promise. I think it would fit in perfectly with TNT's lineup of dramas led by strong females, so I'm surprised to see it's connected to ABC. Teri Polo, most known for her comedy work, is a convincingly strong lead as the title character, Erin Finnegan, the lieutenant who heads up the LAPD's Organized Crime/Vice division. Billy Zane is surprisingly charming and likable as ADA Benjamin Clark. The supporting cast and their camaraderie shows a lot of promise for an expanding role as the series goes on. I only had 2 problems with the pilot episode: the character of Commander Chu is too much of a typical bureaucratic stereotype. The character either needs to be better fleshed out or dropped. Also, some of the expositional dialogue to introduce the characters was a little forced and clunky. Outside of that, very entertaining with a lot of promise and a lot of potential for engaging multi-episode arcs. This may be the role that finally takes the uber-talented Teri Polo to the next level, and could do for Zane's career what "Grey's Anatomy" did for Patrick Dempsey.